I Wish

Kirsty Evans is your regular 16 year old girl - she loves music, especially the boyband One Direction. In fact, her dream is just to meet them for one day.
She has just finished her GCSEs and is now recording her own homemade CD of her singing songs she has written. She hides her talent from everyone - even her dad who is a manager for some of the biggest musicians in the music industry.
One day, when she is least expecting it, she walks into her house after a day out in town with her friend to find the biggest surprise ever sitting on her sofa.


15. Home

Kirsty's POV

I arrive at Heathrow Airport after a long and painful journey home. I'm not used to being away from the boys because before I left, they were my whole world. What if they split up because of a huge argument? It will all be my fault, and I couldn't bear that. What makes it worse is that if they do decide to split, it will be all over twitter and guess who the fans will blame: me.

I decided to call my Dad and let him know that I'm coming back to the hotel in London. After three rings, he answered.

'Hello darling, how's my special girl today?' He asked cheerily.

'Dad, I'm coming home. I'm at Heathrow now and I'm going to be back at the hotel in about forty minutes,' I say quietly.

'Okay sweetie, I'm still here. Tell me everything when you get here. Have you got a car arranged?'

'Yeah, I have. I just called our limo driver to come and pick me up. Speak later,' I sob and hang up. I can't bear this, but I made my decision and I will stick with it; it's only for the best for everyone.

The limo turned up 20 minutes later and I got straight in. We arrived at the hotel at about 3 in the morning and surprisingly, dad was still awake and waiting in the doorway. I rushed straight into his open arms and hugged him tightly, leaving tear stains on his shirt.

'C'mon Kirsty, lets get you inside,' my dad comforted me and guided me through the lobby and into the lift. We got to our floor and I went into my room, Dad following behind me. 'Now, what happened in California, sweetie?'

'Oh Dad, I'm splitting them up, causing arguments between them!' I said and then broke down in tears. I slid my back down the wall and tucked up in a ball.

'I'm sure your not Kirsty, tell me everything that happened,' Dad sat down beside me and stroked my back.

I told him everything that happened on the beach and in the hotel. He just sighed and said 'I knew this would happen, that's why I told them that you're off limits.'

'You what?' I asked, slightly irritated. 'You had no right, Dad! I am sixteen, not a child any more!' I half shouted. 'Im tired, I want to go to bed now, night.'

'Okay, I'll go. See you in the morning,' he got up and left. Closing the door behind him.

I hopped into bed and checked twitter. 'Kirsty Evans leaves Malibu crying. What has Harry done to her?' One of the tweets said, showing a picture of me leaving and Harry crying and shouting. Underneath, it had a link to a newspaper article. I clicked it and it came up with the same headline as the tweet I had just seen.

That night, I cried myself to sleep, thinking of everything. I woke up to find a note left on my bedside table.

Dear Kirsty,

I have gone shopping and will be back in about 2 hours. Call if you need anything.

Love Dad x

Great, 2 hours alone - yes!


Harry's POV

'Right guys, we're going back to the Hotel in London. We'll search there first for Kirsty. I need to know she's okay,' I tell the boys and start to head out of the door. We hopped into a taxi because there were already some waiting outside. Zayn told the driver where we were going and we set off straight away.

We arrived at LA International Airport in about 30 minutes and got the next flight to Heathrow. We had to wait 1 hour for the flight, but that's okay. At least we are going to find Kirsty. We boarded the plane and ordered some food - I needed food to calm me down.

We arrived at Heathrow and got caught by a mob of fans. I carried on walking but Niall told them that we were in a hurry and had to go. We called for a taxi and finally arrived at the hotel at 10am. I ran towards the lift and punched the '8' button. When I got to our floor, I ran into mine and Kirsty's bedroom. She wasnt there.

On the balcony? No. Right, I don't care if she's on the loo or in the shower, I'm going into the bathroom.

'FUCK!' I screamed as I walked into the bathroom to find hundreds of pieces of glass on the floor. I ran over to the bath and there she was, lying there in the bath - which was filled with bloody water - unconscious. She'd cut herself. 


Zayn's POV

'FUCK!' We heard Harry scream from down the hall. We all ran into Harry and Kirsty's room to find a screaming Harry hunched over the bathtub. As we all got closer, we saw Kirsty being shaken by Harry in a bath full of blood and water.

'Oh shit no,' Niall gasped and ran over to Harry. 'Someone call a fucking ambulance!' He screamed at us and I went, straight away dialling the number.


Niall's POV

Harry and I lifted her out of the bath and laid her on the floor. I looked at her arm and saw she had engraved 'My Fault' on it. The cuts were so deep that it looked like she wasn't going to make it. God knows how long she had been like this.

I hope those fucking paramedics come soon or I would kill myself. Maybe I meant that literally.


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