Sleeping With An Angel

You en living with the boys from one direction because Jessica's mum died in a tragic accendent and your dad is in jail. You end up living with Liam Payne because he's your boyfriend.


1. The Best Morning

You wake up to hear Liam's soft singing downstairs. "Do you think she'll like it?" He says. All you have on is a large shirt and underwear. You sneak out of your room as you hear Liam say "good morning, beautiful." He says as sweetly as you've ever heard. It gives you chills.  "Good morning, babe." You say. You see the boys over by the piano. "We have a song for you, well Liam does actually." Zayn says. He brings you over as he plays They Don't Know About Us. As he hits the last note, a few tears fall down to your cheek. "Don't cry." He says as he wipes your hug him but like no other hug before. He kisses you on the forehead as Niall and Zayn say"awwwww..." You say softly "I love you" he kisses you passionately and says "I love you to" barely leaving your lips. 

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