My passion

Ariana Grande auditions for a new role in the new tv show two girls one city but when she ends up kissing her co star she has to decide on living her dream or running away with her true love...


1. The passion

As i sat on the cold hard chairs and listened to the faint noise of the script being read i started to tremble.Words span around my head,I had been beating myself up about this thinking things like what if I'm not good enough? I knew the answer,I guess victorious was lucky same with Sam and Cat but that's over now i need to think of whats ahead.I came out of this trance when my name was clearly called,twice. "Ariana Grande","Ariana Grande." the person said coldly.I slowly arised from my chair and wondered into the audition room.

"Which part will you be auditioning for?" one of the judges said her grey eyes piercing into my soul.

"I will be auditioning for Sasha" i said nervously

"Good luck" Another judge said expressionlessly 

I placed my script onto to wooden floor boards and decided to start.

"My names Sasha"i smiled

One of the judges took the other lines.

"Sasha,that's interesting..."

"Why" i questioned.

"You don't here that much"she replied

"Well" I began "i am individual."

"Yes" the judge said peering at me.

"Ok you can stop,I think we've seen enough" she sighed.

I'm not sure if that went good i don't think so all we can do is wait...


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