My passion

Ariana Grande auditions for a new role in the new tv show two girls one city but when she ends up kissing her co star she has to decide on living her dream or running away with her true love...


2. The dream

I couldn't sleep at night. I've been waiting for two weeks now,its killing me not knowing whats going on.When i finally fall into a sleep i have a strange dream.

I was on a talent show and the judges were there it was set out like Britons got talent. I began my scence and within the first few seconds everyone buzzed the coments were horrendous.

Terrible,worst I've ever seen and I've seen ALOT! one said

I think I'm dying! shouted another

The third simply said No!

I woke up after that,it's only three o'clock in the morning.

I step out of my bed and go downstairs to go and get a drink then i felt dizzy the room's closing in kind of like i was...... 

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