My passion

Ariana Grande auditions for a new role in the new tv show two girls one city but when she ends up kissing her co star she has to decide on living her dream or running away with her true love...


5. The coma

I tried to open my eyes but they wouldn't budge. I tried to swing my arms but it was like they were glued to the bed,i could hear noises around me like the sound of my phone buzzing and someone answering it.

"Hello?" said a soft voice it sounded like my mum but i wasn't completely sure

All i heard after that was yes,yes,yes,ok thank you she'll be so happy !!

I wanted to wake up i wanted to scream happy about what,then i felt a tight squeeze on my hand.

"Honey you'll never guess what

"What?" i whispered in my head

"Your on the show! You got the part! Wake up,aren't you happy!",she sighed,"its no use i just want you to wake up!" i heard whimpering an then blubbering,she was crying.I wanted to sooth her,tell her i was ok but i couldn't.

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