The Father Of Jewels

A group of con artists, or "grifters", work together to pull off "long cons" on greedy, wealthy people. They do all this without getting caught by police, and even if they do, all evidence is destroyed. They ensure they cover all angles. However it all seems easy up to now, as a family member is put in the spotlight, and for two of them, the truth is waiting to come out...


2. The Truth

"Hey!" Steve gleefully cheered to the group of now 5, having been joined by the other two members Alex (the "roper") and Ryan (the "fixer"). Steve was the owner of the bar, coincidentally named "Steve's Bar", the group used to relax and plan in. His cheerful call welcomed just a slight noise from the clearly disheartened group. He reached for a bottle of Champagne to celebrate another successful con, but after seeing them slouch down on the bar stools, he placed it back carefully. Steve's the only person who knows what the group do, even though he's rarely involved. He's a loyal friend to them, and a little bit thick. The group use their skills to con him, not for masses of money, just to get out of paying for their drinks. He knows what they're going to do, yet he still falls for it, every time. Alex even made the Jack of Hearts jump right out of a deck of cards and write an "X" on Steve's unknowing forehead. 

"So, everything go okay?" Steve asked, frantically attempting to make conversation. 

"Four whiskies." Ryan took no time in replying.

"Okay, umm, yeah four whiskies coming right up." Steve hesitated before focusing on the job in hand. He grabbed four glasses from under the counter and starting pouring, keeping a puzzled face. He finished and slid them stylishly to them.

"So, no Rob today?" 

"He bumped into his father." Alex replied, whilst taking a sip of his drink. 

"Ah well there you go! Surely that's something to cele..." Steve made another grab for the bottle of Champagne, but caught a look of Nick's frantic shake of the head. 

"Or not." 

"He let a mark walk off with £50,000 of our money." Ryan explained.

"Yeah. And may be doing God knows what. He's probably in a Police cell right now." Amanda interrupted and stood up from her chair. Worry plastered across her face.

"So they don't see eye to eye then Rob and your dad?" Steve asked Amanda, as she made a grab for her phone.

"When Rob was three, our Dad went away on a business trip and told him he would bring him back a "Tracy Island". That was the last time we saw him." Amanda solemnly explained, her eyes dropped like bricks to the floor.

"Them Tracy Island's they did suddenly become very hard to get hold of you know." Steve joked. Alex smirked, Amanda the opposite. She didn't look impressed.

"Yeah. Well I doubt he's still looking." Amanda frantically put her phone to her ear, hoping to hear him answer.

"Rob said if he ever saw him again, he'd kill him."

"Right so no Champagne at all then." Steve said with a sarcastic tone to his voice. He once again placed the bottle back into its case. 

"Well, if he had done anything stupid we'd surely have heard about it by now." Alex explained. An experienced grifter, he was the oldest of the group, he knew what he was going on about.

"He did! He left a mark with £50,000!" Ryan said firmly. 

"Look Rob, no one is bothered about earlier, just please, PLEASE call me!" Amanda slammed her phone down after leaving the second voicemail of the day. 

Footsteps were heard behind, and a man walked into the bar. His suit was tattered, his tie undone. Rob was here. His face was gloomy, miserable.

Amanda breathed deeply, in a sigh of relief, until she started shouting.

"Where the hell have you been?! Why haven't you been answering your phone?!" 

"Look, I'm sorry about that." Sean bluntly replied, taking his seat on a nearby sofa. He rested his right hand on the table and slid his left down his face, towards his chin like he was thinking.  

"Double of anything please Steve!" He shouted to the barman, holding his hand up. Amanda sat opposite him, staring him down. He turned to face her.

"What's the one thing I said I'd do if I saw him again? WHAT'S THE ONE THING, I SAID I'D DO?!" He raised his voice into a shout, slamming the table with his clenched fist, making the beer mats jump for cover. 

"Beat him to a pulp." Amanda was surprisingly calm.

"Did I mention I'd share a lift with him? Did I mention that?" Rob paused, Amanda opened her mouth to reply but was immediately cut off.

"No. But that's what I did. I should go back there RIGHT now and..." Rob was interrupted by Amanda. 

"And do what? Beat him up?" Amanda asked. Rob exhaled, attempting to calm himself.

"Yeah. I'd like that, wanna watch Sis?"

"Oh come on Rob, think about it, it's over!" Amanda calmly said, a sense of firmness crept in. Rob shook his head in a clear disagreement. 

"It ended a LONG time ago Rob." Amanda placed her hands on the table and leaned towards him, like an adult telling a child off. 

"No. No it isn't." Ron got up, and stormed over to the counter. He snatched his drink, and walked over to the pool area to sulk. Amanda went to follow him but a sharp grab on her arm stopped her.

"Leave him. Let him calm down himself, he'll get over it." Nick attempted to reassure her. Amanda reluctantly agreed, and sat beside him. She sat there thinking, she was clearly nervous, she sipped her whisky. 



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