The Father Of Jewels

A group of con artists, or "grifters", work together to pull off "long cons" on greedy, wealthy people. They do all this without getting caught by police, and even if they do, all evidence is destroyed. They ensure they cover all angles. However it all seems easy up to now, as a family member is put in the spotlight, and for two of them, the truth is waiting to come out...


1. The Father Of Jewels

The windows glinted in the sunshine as Rob walked down the busy street. Sporting a charcoal black suit with a stylish grey tie that went nicely with a sharp, white shirt. He tightly gripped a briefcase in his right hand. A young female walked past wearing a tight, red dress. She caught his eye, and he glanced his head round to gain a look at her backside. To normal people, he seemed like a normal guy, smiling at everyone he saw. However, that image was just a cover up. He was in fact a con artist, or "grifter". The Robin Hood of modern times. Rob halted at the entrance to the Albrighton Hotel, turned slickly on his heel, and entered the building through the revolving doors. 


"Pleasure doing business with you." A middle aged, plump man smiled at two professional looking adults. One was a young, blond and very attractive girl and tall, coloured man. Unbeknownst to him, these were Rob's colleagues, Amanda (his sister in reality), and Nick (the leader). 


"Same to you!" Nick replied, with a smile gleaming. He handed him a similar style briefcase to that Rob was clutching. The businessman smiled at the two of them, and swivelled. He trundled towards the Reception desk, placing the briefcase carefully on the floor beside him. On his right, a man in a beige coat and a blue, chequered shirt was booking in. Nick and Amanda watched on, as Rob slid past them, throwing a sly thumbs up toward them. Nick nodded in appreciation. Rob's task was to swap his briefcase, full of fake money, for the briefcase containing £50,000 of real money the plump man had placed down. He walked over to the desk and did indeed place his briefcase adjacent to the other, and reached out to slyly take the other. 


Until something caught his eye. 


On the desk, there was a "Check-In list" that the man in the beige coat had filled out. On there, a list of names adjacent to their room numbers and contact details. Rob's attention switched, and he   seemed to forget completely about the task in hand. He picked up HIS briefcase and stormed towards the coated man. 


"Nick! He didn't swap the cases!" Amanda said in a panic. Nick was silent. The businessman turned around and picked up his briefcase - the briefcase containing £50,000 real money. 

"Thanks again!" He smiled, and walked out the hotel. Nick and Amanda didn't react to him, apart from a polite nod goodbye. He passed, and Amanda jogged towards the desk, not an easy task in high heels. She saw the name at the bottom of the list - "Alex Brooker" - and her eyes shot over to Rob, who was standing behind the man, his eyes fixed, his facial expression that of an angry man. 

"Nick! Don't let Rob get in that lift!" Amanda shouted to Nick behind her. He looked puzzled, but decided to act upon Amanda's command. He strutted over to Rob, trying to keep as calm as possible.

"Adrian? Adrian! Is that you?!" Nick smiled, obviously trying to gain Rob's undivided attention. 

"Think you've got the wrong guy mate!" Rob replied, keeping his eyes fixed on the man.

"Let's get drunk." Nick's facial expression changed, his tone became firmer. He made a grab for Rob's arm.

"Move just one more step and I'll call Security!" Rob angrily replied. The lift doors opened with a high pitched bell, and Rob followed the man into the box, standing behind him. His eyes consistently on him. The doors closed, and they were gone. 

Nick stood for a second, breathed, and walked past to Amanda.

"I don't understand. Who was that anyway?" Nick asked.

"He's our Dad." Amanda replied. 

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