The Father Of Jewels

A group of con artists, or "grifters", work together to pull off "long cons" on greedy, wealthy people. They do all this without getting caught by police, and even if they do, all evidence is destroyed. They ensure they cover all angles. However it all seems easy up to now, as a family member is put in the spotlight, and for two of them, the truth is waiting to come out...


4. Evening

The bright lights of London shone over the water of the Thames, making it look like diamonds on the calm waters. Boats rolled past, Tower Bridge became a centerpiece of London town. Rob had fallen asleep in a brown, retractable leather chair, and the others were in bed too. Nick and Amanda were the only ones awake, and stood on the balcony talking.

"He will have forgotten the whole thing by the morning." Amanda began.

"And what if he hasn't?" Nick replied, placing his hands on the metal bar in front of him.

"Well then he'll have to learn." Amanda replied, her gorgeous pink dress glittered in the moonlight. "These things happen. Dad's, they leave, you go into care, people are put into foster homes..."

"They go onto the streets." Nick placed his hands in his pockets and sighed, like he was telling someone bad news. A dirty look from Amanda came his way.

"Come on, it's not like he's the first person that stuff has happened to. The only thing different is he ended up here instead of... dead. Maybe you should consider that for a change." She said.

"Is that what you do?" Nick asked, interested. Amanda swallowed.

"Well.. I... I was older, it didn't affect me as much. She finally replied.

"By two years which made you 5..." Nick stated.

"I was mature for my age." Emma looked away as if she felt violated. Nick simply nodded along. 

Emma swiveled and walked inside. Her black heels clattering on the wooden floor. Nick stayed outside, and lent down on the bar, clenching his hands to ensure stability. He looked out across the waters below, into the distance. His Navy suit looked darker, and his tie too. 

5 minutes passed until Nick stood up, he tapped a rhythmic tune on the bar before slotting his hands into his deep pockets, and went inside as well.



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