The Father Of Jewels

A group of con artists, or "grifters", work together to pull off "long cons" on greedy, wealthy people. They do all this without getting caught by police, and even if they do, all evidence is destroyed. They ensure they cover all angles. However it all seems easy up to now, as a family member is put in the spotlight, and for two of them, the truth is waiting to come out...


3. Down But Not Out

As it turns out, Nick was right, Rob did calm down and come round eventually. He was drunk - very drunk - but still. The crew decided to call it a night, and traveled towards their luxury apartment. Nick gained a firm hold on the door handle, and opened the shiny, black door. He politely let everyone through first, giving some minor assistance to Rob so he didn't walk into the wall, then followed in behind.

"Look guys, I'm sorry." Rob slurred. Luckily, he still knew who he was and where he was.

"Ah it's fine, could've happened to anyone!" Alex replied.

"No, I'm serious, I really am sorry." Rob repeated.

"All is forgotten." Alex again answered and sat down in the leather arm chair beside him.

"Hey. I don't know about the rest of you but I'd have a drunken apology over £50,000 any day!" Ryan smirked sarcastically, sitting himself on the sofa adjacent to Alex's chair. 

"LOOK. I'm gonna get you that money back!" Rob pointed at Ryan directly.

"Oh did you hear that? We're gonna get our money back!" Ryan said slightly more seriously but in a upbeat tone. Rob interrupted.

"And this, will never happen again." 

"Oh ho! It's a win win now!" Ryan shouted throwing his hands up in the air, a large smile still plastered across his face.

"ARGH! Why couldn't I have just hit him?!" Rob slammed his hands on the back of his head furiously and stormed towards the window.

"Because Rob, it wouldn't have made any difference." Nick calmly explained. Amanda poured a glass of red wine and sat next to him. 

"Look, lets just leave it yeah?" Amanda seemed agitated. "Just forget today ever happened."

"No. Nick's right, violence isn't going to change anything." Rob said, to the range of raised eyebrows in front of him. 

"Oh he's come to his senses!" Ryan said.

"There's another way we can get him." Rob exclaimed, and smiled at Amanda.

"Rob, no." Amanda immediately knew what he meant.

"It's been staring us in the face." Rob placed his hands on his hips.

"Rob. We're not going to con him." Amanda firmly said, putting her older sister foot down almost.

"Yes!" A click of his fingers confirmed his plan. Everyone breathed out and thought the drink was talking. 


"We're gonna con him."




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