The Father Of Jewels

A group of con artists, or "grifters", work together to pull off "long cons" on greedy, wealthy people. They do all this without getting caught by police, and even if they do, all evidence is destroyed. They ensure they cover all angles. However it all seems easy up to now, as a family member is put in the spotlight, and for two of them, the truth is waiting to come out...


5. £79,924

The next morning came around.

Rob was up and was working in the bar with Steve keeping a curious eye on him. He was in the process of eating some toast plastered in marmalade, with an orange juice on the side. He seemed fine.

"If you carry on like that, you'll get marmalade all over your plot for ultimate revenge." Ryan said sarcastically as he walked in with the others. Rob gave a slight look up, then continued writing and eating.

"You're not still on this are you?" Amanda questioned, placing her coat over the chair. "I thought you'd change your mind after you slept on it."

Rob placed the toast down and cleaned his fingers on a paper towel beside him.

"I thought of a way to get him." Rob explained.

"Rob, whatever you're planning believe me it won't make you feel any better." Nick replied, firmly.

"No, but it's gonna make him feel a whole lot worse." Rob downed his juice. "That'll have to do."

"So you're gonna rip off your old man?" Ryan asked.

"Yep." Rob bluntly answered, placing his pen down and picked the miniature yellow notebook he was working in up. "For £79,924."

"Not the notebook..." Amanda sighed. 

Well, that's what he owes us." Rob flicked his wrist and threw the notebook over the bar to land just in front of Alex, who picked it up and skimmed through it.

"Unpaid child support." He said as Alex read. "Am, are you with me on this?"

"Rob I've told you it's over." Amanda replied bluntly. A moments silence followed, filling the air with a sense of awkwardness and emotion.

"Alright, fine, I'll do it myself." Rob finished, and sat eating the remainder of his toast. Alex looked up, as the most experienced, he was worried. 

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