Life As Demi's Adopted Daughter (Demi Lovato Fan Fic)

After having a bad life soon changed and life is now something Skye can say thank you for...

Demi And Skye Lovato


7. Chapter 6 ~ Surviving High School

Demi's P.O.V ~ 2 Weeks After Skye Has Moved In.

I drove through crowded streets off school kids, Skye started last week she didn't say much on what she did on her school days but I think she's enjoying it more than her old school she has made a friend called Miyah who is older she's 12 already but in a few weeks it's Skye's birthday...

I looked over at Skye as I stopped the car on the edge of the sidewalk, I noticed that she was fiddiling with her bracelets I placed a hand on her arm she looked up at me and smiled.

I smiled back at her "You ok ?" I asked, she smiled and nodded.

"I guess but, I'm scared for tonight well nervous" She told me, I kissed her forhead and hugged her.

"You will do amazing tonight, I will be there and everyone gets nervous just stay strong and your be amazing !" I told Skye before grabbing her bag and passing it to her.

She toom the bag out of my hands and kissed me on the cheek.

"See you after school" She said whilst getting out of the car.

"Love you" She told me.

"Love you too baby" I told her before she closed the car door and rushing into school,

End Of P.O.V


Skye's P.O.V

I walked to my locker and opened the door before taking out my books, I couldn't stop thinking about tonights finals and what Demi told me but my thoughts were interuppted by the sound of tapping on my locker. I turned round and saw Miyah I smiled and hugged her I closed my locker door before grabbing my bag and flinging it over my shoulders before walking to english with Miyah, when we got to the door we flinged the door open and walked over to the desk we both sat at.

"You scared ?" Miyah whispered, I looked at her in a confused way she sighed.

"The finals..." She said.

"Of course, I'm real nervous but Demi told me to stay strong so I guess I have too" I whispered, Miyah giggled.

We were interuppted by the teacher screaming at two boys, she was called Miss Brookes and she was quite young I would say a little younger than Demi I would say 23 well about that.

She was quite nice when she wanted to be, and was quite beautiful I couldn't complain because she was nice to me but Miyah was a troublemaker and well got told off a lot Miss Brookes had Blonde hair and blue eyes and she normally wore bright red lipstick.

I got out my pencil case as Miss Brookes came round and gave us a piece of paper...I suddenly heard my phone go off and my Camp Rock Wouldn't Change A Thing ringtone play, Miss Brookes turned to me and I went bright red before rummaging in my bag and turning the phone off, she placed her hand out as I turned it off which meant she was taken it away till the end of the lesson I placed it in her hands. I looked at Miyah and she smiled at me before giggling, I started too...I tried to stop but Miyah started to tickle me which made me try and cover my mouth to stop myself for screaming in front off everyone and embarrassing myself she finally stopped and I got my breath back.

"Girls if you can't behave properly then why don't you move ?" Miss Brookes said in a sarcastic voice.

"We w-we will start behaving Miss I promise" I told Miss Brookes, she looked at me and glared.

"Well if you start again you will move...Now on with the lesson" Miss said before clapping her hands loudly.


Once the worst lesson ever had finished we all picked our bags up and stood behind our chairs before Miss Brookes told us we could go me and Miyah walked with the other kids but Miss Brookes called my name I turned around and she motioned me over to her.

"Have fun !" Miyah whispered in my ear before leaving the class, I turned around and walked over to Miss whilst she took all of our pieces of papers in.

"Don't worry your in trouble I just wanted to talk to you about something and give your phone back" She said before going in her draw and pulling out my phone which had my Demi case on (Yes I'm still a Lovatic and always will be).

"Um, I heard your going to be dancing for a final in a competition is that true ?" Miss Brookes asked, I smiled and nodded she smiled at me.

"Well I just wanted to wish you luck and hope you have the time of your life up on that stage !" Miss said cheerfully, I smiled.

"Thank you" I said, she smiled.

"Of you go then sweetie, I've got work to do and you should be in next class I'll write a note for the teacher" She said, I smiled and waited for her to write the note down once she finished I took the note then went to my next lesson which was history.

I walked through the door of my history room and everyone stared at me...

"Miss...Lovato, why are you late !?" He shouted, I walked over to his desk and put the note down on the table then went and sat with Miyah...but she was sat with her and when I mean she I mean the enemy Jodie Ley. 

"Slutty whore..." She whispered to me as I sat down at a desk with a boy...!

" are one !" He whispered in my ear, tears welled up in my eyes as they said the mean things...


As soon as the lesson was over I rushed out of the door and into the toilets, I sobbed as the words flew through my mind. I grabbed my phone and texted Demi...I can't believe I decided not to cut but I guess I'm finally learning...


Skye To Demi

Demi...I Don't Know What To Do, I Wanna Come Home !


I Waited 5 Minutes until I got a text back...and the girls toilet door open.


"Skye, It's me baby..." I heard a familiar voice say...I opened the toilet door and Demi stood there, tears fell down my cheeks as I went and hugged her.

"It's happening again !" I sobbed as Demi hugged me and rubbed my back.

"How did you know I was here ?" I asked quietly but loud enough for her to hear.

"It's the only place you go when your upset..." Demi said, my grip tightened around her.

"Please...take me home, I wanna go home" I cried.

"What ?! You want me to take you back !?" Demi asked I looked up at her with a shocked exspression, Tears were falling down her cheeks.

I shook my head violently.

"No No ! I mean I want to go to your home...that's my home right ?" I said as tears fell down my face, Demi's face lightened a little as I said that.

"Oh sweetheart I-I'm so sorry of course my home is your home !" She said before kissing my forehead.

"Please take me home just for today..." I asked her, she smiled and nodded.

"Ok, but what about the finals ?" Demi asked, I sighed.

"I'll do the finals...b-but I'm even more nervous now" I told Demi, she pulled me into her and squeezed me tight.

"Baby, you will do amazing, come on let's get you out of this horrid dump !" Demi said, before grabbing my arm softky and taking me out of the toilets and other too the desk at the main entrance.

The lady at the desk looked up at Demi.

"Can I help you Miss Lovato ?" The lady asked.

"Um yes my, daughters feeling really unwell and is having a tough time today do you think she will be allowed to come home for today ?" Demi asked the lady, the lady looked at me and nodded.

"Ok Miss Lovato as it's friday she may go out today, please write the down here please" She said, Demi did as she was told and wrote everything down before helping me with my bag and walking out of the school doors and to the car.

As we got in the car, Demi held my hand and turned to me.

"What happened honey ?"Demi asled, tears fell down my cheeks once again.

"They c-called me not nice things and the whole class started to chant stuff at me when the teacher went..." I started to trail off, I felt Demi softly rub her thumb across my hand.

"What did they call you ?" Demi asked me softly.

"A s-slut and whore uh some other things too..." I said, Demi started the car and placed her free hand on the steering wheel and the other connecting with my hand.


Once we got home, I got out of the car and grabbed my bags before waiting for Demi and we then walked inside the house. Demi took my bags off of me and put them on the stairs before walking over to me and hugging me tightly...

"I'm so proud of you..." Demi told me, tears were making their way through again...

"What for...?" I asked.

"Everything Skye...everything you are my everything !" Demi told me, I looked up at her and saw that she was actually telling the truth everything she just said was true. Tears fell down my cheeks but Demi wiped them away, I hugged Demi tightly.

"I love you much !" I told her as she stroked my hair.


Time ~ 4.00 Rehersals For Finals...


Note ~ Skye Is Dancing The Cheography (Think i Spelt That Right...) To Can't Back Down From Camp Rock. >>

As me and Demi walked into the dance hall nerves were kicking in  but I was trying and I am trying, as I started the dance by myself I kept messing up and I was sweating a lot...

I felt two soft hands on my shoulders, I looked up to see Demi she turned me towards the wall to the side which had a massive morror on it...

"Stay Strong, try it here..." She told me before going back and sitting down, I stared at the mirror.

I went right up to it and took two deep breathes and went for it I watched every step I took and made it look strong and passionate...



When the finals were near we had to go and change, we had four dancers well older dancers with us I had two boys and two girls, Carly,Kim,Rob and Jamie. We went and got changed as everyone took their seats, I wore A Jonas Brother Top with a black shirt over it which had silver studs on the sholders, and a pair of silver jeans which had black chains hanging from the waist to the small pockets at the top and pair of black boots...

We waited by the stage.

"How you feeling girl !?" Carly asked cheerfully, i looked up at her.

"S-so nervous..." I told her, she smiled.

"I can help with that !" Carly told me and she did she made me feel happy and then the lights switched to purple...

"Next up is...Skye Lovato who's dancing to Can't Back Down !"I heard a the loud voice come from the stage and to my ears...

"Stay Strong Skye" Demi's words flew around in my head as I walked up to the steps.

I took a deep breathe...

This Is It...

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