Life As Demi's Adopted Daughter (Demi Lovato Fan Fic)

After having a bad life soon changed and life is now something Skye can say thank you for...

Demi And Skye Lovato


5. Chapter 4 ~ Meeting The Family...And Calling Her Mom

~ Skye's P.O.V ~

I woke up and luckily Demi was next to me but she was fast asleep, I didn't know if I should wake her up or leave her and be bored...I carfully wrapped my arms around Demi as she slept and cuddled into her. I then felt her move around and hug me back she still had her eyes closed but she was awake fully, to be honest I thought she would snap at me but she didn't which was lucky.

"Morning mom !" I said cheerfully, her eyes shot open as I said the word "Mom" all I did was smile.

"You just called me mom right ?" Demi asked in a shocked voice, I nodded whilst I was still smiling.

"So you meant it last night too ?" Demi asked, I giggled whilst nodding again.

Demi laughed at my repeated action, she moved a piece of her blonde hair out of her face whilst staring at me.

"Honey would you like to meet my family today ?" Demi asked, I smiled then jumped up and down on Demi's bed whilst chanting "Yeah" mutiple times.

Demi laughed then jumped up and down on the bed with me, once we had finished Demi got me some clothes (>>) to put on before getting dressed herself (>>) 


Once we had our breakfast Demi gave me a few of her bracelets to hide up the scars then we went and got into her car, I sat in the front with her. As I put my seatbelt on Demi started the car up and soon drove out of the driveway, Demi switched the radio on and her new single heart attack came on she looked over at me and smile cheerfully before singing the song I smiled as I watched her sing. We soon arrived at a house which was big but not as big as Demi's, Demi helped me out of the car once again as we walked up the path and to the door but before we reached the door a young girl came running out and hugged Demi tightly I was guessing that was Demi's little sister Madison.

~NOTE~ Maddie Is 16 In This As Demi's 25.

Maddie looked at me confused.

I heard Demi laugh a little.

"Maddie this is Skye, Skye this is Maddie" Demi said, I smiled and waved a little.

"Nice to meet you Skye" Maddie said, I smiled at her.

"Nice to meet you too..." I said quietly but loud enough for her to hear, we all walked into the house and was greeted by Demi's mom.

"Hi Demi a-and..." Demi's mom stuttered as she was confused on why I was here, I hid behind Demi as she stuttered but she could still see me.

I felt Demi's arms wrap around me as she spoke to me.

"You don't need to be shy honey, it's ok" She said trying to comfort me.

"Mom this is Skye, Skye Lovato" She told her mom, I turned to her to see her exspression.

Her confused look suddenly turned into a much more happy look as she took my image in.

"Oh my gosh Demi, I'm So proud of you !" Demi's mom said, it made me quite sad seeing this as my family was never like it...I had gotten a few flashbacks somehow and they were all terrible.

"Aww Thank you mom" Demi said whilst smiling, she turned her face round to look at me and I couldn't help it but I suddenly broke down in tears.

"Hey shh, whats wrong baby girl !?" Demi said worryingly.

I sobbed louder as she tried to comfort me, but nothing was working.

Demi took me into her family's living room and Maddie soon came in, I dried my tears and held the rest back as I bit my bottom lip to stop it from trembling.

"You can tell me what's wrong..." Demi said, I looked up at her.

"It makes me upset when I see happy familys b-because my mom and dad were never like that..." I told Demi, she stared at me.

"Look just wash it all aways because...I'm now your mom and I'm not like that am I ?" Demi asked, I shook my head and she smiled.

"Demi's a great mom to you !" Madison said, I smiled and nodded which made them giggle too.

"So...who's up for a game of basketball ?" Demi asked, I jumped up and smiled before rushing out with her and Madison.

We played basketball for about an hour and then we had a small party with a few celebs like...Britney Spears,Simon Cowell and Miley Cyrus (Who I Got On Well With).

Miley came up to me as everyone was talking and catching up on things, she sat on the table with me and smiled at me.

"You must be Skye Lovato...Am I Right ?" I smiled and nodded, she smiled at me.

"Hi I'm Miley, Demi's friend" Miley said whilst putting her hand out so I could shake it, I shook it and we both talked...

"What do you want to be when your older then Skye ?...wait hang on I've got this, a singer ?" Miley asked, I giggled and shook my head.

" actress ?" She asked, I giggled again and shook my head.

"Ok Ok, I'll get this one now...hmm" She looked at my outfit and smiled.

"A fashion designer" I laughed hysterically and shook my head.

"I want to be a dancer, a ballet dancer" Miley smiled widely as I said that.

"Wow, can you dance for me now ?" I shrugged my shoulders.

"DEMI !" She screamed, Demi ran over.

"Can you get Skye to dance for us...or everyone" Demi laughed.

"I think you should Skye, show of your skills !" Demi said cheerfully, I smiled then nodded.

"Ok, I'll do it" i said, Demi took my hand and brought me to a small stage they had set up...

I did my second dance to skyscraper (>>) 


Once I jumped off the stage Loads of people came over to me, I was getting nervous and scared something wasn't right... 

I ran other to Demi and told her I wanted to go home, so she did and once again I couldn't stop myself and did it...words flew around my head saying I wasn't right, but those words, they were right in my eyes...


Authors Note

Sorry It's short guys but I hope your liking it

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