Life As Demi's Adopted Daughter (Demi Lovato Fan Fic)

After having a bad life soon changed and life is now something Skye can say thank you for...

Demi And Skye Lovato


4. Chapter 3 ~ Making You Happy

~ Demi's P.O.V ~ Morning ~ 8 : 30 AM

I had got up at seven today and I had decided on doing something special for Skye, I wanted to take Skye's mind off things and help her stop cutting. I couldn't take her to the meetings or classes that I've looked at it will only make her worse so I was thinking of taking her somewhere she will like, she loves dancing right ?! I was reading a newspaper this morning and I swear I saw and article for a dance competition, I walked into the living room and found the newspaper before flicking through the pages and there it was...

                                           ~ Ballet Dancing Competition ~

                      ~ Ages ~ Eight To Fifteen Year Olds Girls And Boys Welcome ~

                                            ~ Cost ~ $30 For Each Rehersal ~

                             ~ Meeting At The Dance Hall In The City Centre ~ 

I'm able to pay that amount well I have a lot more money than most people I smiled then carfully ripped the piece of paper out and put it on the table in the kitchen, I made a plate of toast for Skye then went up to her room and pulled some clothes out for her (>>) I was already dressed so I think I was all set to go. I looked over at Skye who was sleeping peacefully. I sat on her bed and pushed the hair that was over her eyes back behind her ear I pulled the covers down a little and gently pulled her arm out and softly stroked my thumb over the lines, such a sweet innocent girl...Skye suddenly moved a little and I watched as she rubbed her tired eyes I kissed her forhead.

"Morning beautiful, did you have a nice sleep ?" I asked Skye, who looked at me and smiled whilst nodding.

"That's good, I've got some clothes for you to put on" I told Skye, she nodded before leaning on her elbows as I passed her clothes to her.

She looked at me and saw what I was wearing, She smiled widely.

"You look gorgeous" Skye told me, I smiled widely at what she said before kissing her on the lips. 

"Get dressed honey, I have a little suprise for you..." I told her before walking downstairs and into the kitchen.

~ End Of P.O.V ~


Skye's P.O.V

I got changed into a really nice outfit (>>)

and then brushed my hair so it was shiny and soft, I then walked downstairs and noticed my breakfast on the table where Demi was sat drinking coffee. I sat down at the table and noticed a piece of paper in front of me, I looked at it and my jaw dropped, I felt soft hands wrap around my neck as I gawped at the piece of paper...Demi pushed my mouth up so it was closed and I went a little red with embarassment I heard Demi laugh as I do so she sat back down and took my hands into hers and looked straight at me.

"This isn't any old thing Skye, this is for you...I know it's something you wanted to do so I will let you but you have to try and promise me something..." Demi told me, I nodded.

"Promise me you will forget about the cutting and focus on other things like this" Demi told me, I looked at her then at my arms I then looked back at her and smiled then nodded.

"Ok, I'll try my best" I told Demi.

"Hurry up and eat your breakfast you don't want to be late" Demi said whilst smiling.


~ At The Dance Hall ~

I held Demi's hand as we walked down the steps and to the hall, once we got into the room we had to sign our names in so they knew who was taking part I noticed a few people gawping at me and Demi.

"Thank you Miss Lovato !" The lady said whilst smiling hugely.

"Please call me Demi" Demi said to the lady and she nodded when Demi told her that.

We walked to some seats and I saw a girl giving me a dirty look and I tightened my grip to Demi's hand, I think she realised because she calmed me down by stroking my hair.

They all called our names out and we were supposed to do a small ballet dance in front of everyone, it was soon my turn and I was shaking.

"Stay strong..." Demi whispered as I walked to the stage.

Everyone was staring at me, then the music started.

And I did too (Watch the dance Skye is doing , That's not the girl but imagine thats Skye and she's doing that but with her own clothes and put the actual version of skyscraper on with it)


Once I finished everyone clapped and my smile was huge, I ran over to Demi and hugged her tightly.

Once everyone had finished they called names out and I was really nervous.

1. Nyomi Hawks

2. Jasmine Sanders

3. Cruz Blackwell

4 . James Judd

5. Gabi Weeks

6. Bailey Woods

7. Debby Ray

8. Nina Cook

9. Madison Brookes

10. Skye Lovato

They Said My Name, They Said My Name !!!!!

Demi hugged me tightly, once the rest had left and my age group were standing with our parents we talked about what was going to happen, a few girls stared at Demi but she took no notice.

"I wanted to get something straight...Skye Lovato, could you come here please ?" A young lady said, I let go off Demi's hand and walked over to her.

"Your performance of your own mothers song...I think was amazing !" The lady said, I smiled but went a little red at the compliment the lady smiled and told me I could go back to Demi. Once we had finished the meeting Demi was a little unhappy as it was really late and I should be in bed.

We soon got home and I was falling asleep but managed to stay awake, Demi came over to my side and picked me up I wrapped my arms around her neck as she carried me inside and upstairs.

"Can I please sleep with you tonight ?" I asked tiredly.

"Ok baby girl" Demi said before taking me into her room and placing me on her bed.

"I'm just going to get you pyjamas ok I'll be back in a few minutes baby" Demi said before going to get my pyjamas.

 ~ End Of P.O.V ~


~ Demi's P.O.V ~

I went to get Skye's pyjamas then walked back into my room where I found Skye fast asleep, I smiled she was so cute when she slept I carfully pulled her clothes of and put her pyjamas on but she woke up and stared at me, I smiled at her and she smiled back but she was so tired.

"Go back to sleep honey, I'm just getting my pyjamas on or do you want me to tuck you in ?" I asked Skye whilst stroking her cheek.

"Please can you tuck me in" Skye asked, I smiled and nodded.

"Let me just get changed sweetie" I said to Skye before doing as said, I came back with my blonde hair down and scruffy from being in a bun all day but I didn't care.

I got in next to Skye and pulled the covers over both of us, I then layed her head on the pillow as I stroked her hair I then layed with her and she cuddled up to me a little as I did so.

"Night beautiful" I Told her.

"Night Mommy" She said before falling asleep on my chest, she called me not mom but mommy.

I smiled as she slept on my chest, I then fell asleep too...more to come tomorrow.

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