Life As Demi's Adopted Daughter (Demi Lovato Fan Fic)

After having a bad life soon changed and life is now something Skye can say thank you for...

Demi And Skye Lovato


3. Chapter 2 ~ Goodbye Clarke

*NOTE*~ Ive Changed Demi's Age To 25

Skye's P.O.V

I held onto Demi as my parents screamed in her face, tears rolled down my cheeks I felt Demi's soft hands rub my back as they screamed.

"You know what scream as much as you like it will only make your daughter scared and want to be with me even more and it's not youe decision anyway it's the beautiful girl who has her arms wrapped around me !"

"Well that was a trip for nothing !" I heard my dad say loudly, I looked at him and saw his arm raise and was flying down to my face I closed my eyes.


But I felt nothing...

I opened my eyes and found Demi crouching in front of me, she smiled at me and I returned it.

"Demi...please don't let anyone take me away" I told Demi.

"I won't, and I promise that !" Demi told me.

Me and Demi watched my parents get pulled out of the home, they screamed words thay I wasn't allowed to say I felt two soft hands cover my ears and I found myself giggiling. They finally left my ears as the two parents were no longer heard or seen.

After they had gone we saw Britney rushing over to me and Demi.

"Are you two ok ?" Britney asked me and Demi, I watched Demi nod then turn to me.

"I'm and idiot for wanting to go back to them..." I said, I looked at Demi and she smiled at me nervously before kissing my forehead.

"Uh Demi, please could I talk to you ?" Britney asked Demi, Demi looked at me.

"Stay here honey, I'll be back in a bit" Demi told me.

"Wait !" I Called out, Demi looked back at me.

"P-please could you adopt me ?" I asked Demi, she smiled and tapped her nose as if to say "Wait and see"

When no one was around I pulled my long sleeve right up so all the lines showed, one had actually managed to bleed !

I then heard footsteps and Demi's voice, I pulled my sleeve down but it stung badly then Demi appeared without Britney she noticed a little blood trickle off of my arm and onto the floor.

She stared at me for a while then sat next to me and took my arm she looked around to check if anyone was there but there wasn't. 

She then pulled my sleeve up and gasped as she stared at the lines on my arm.

"Skye, why have you done this !? At eleven years old !?" She loudly whispered.

"B-because I w-was scared and -" I was interuppted by Demi's hug.

"Don't do it again ok !" Demi said, I nodded understanding what she was saying.

"I may have done it, but I don't now !...I don't want my daughter to be going through or doing the stuff I did ok ?" Demi told me.

"Ok I won't" I replied to Demi's comment.

"I love you Skye Lovato" Demi said, which made me smile.

A Few Hours Later

I was sat in Demi's car whilst she drove to her house...we soon arrived, Demi helped me out and grabbed a few bags out of the car before holding my hand, I noticed another car parked in the driveway.

"Oh that's my husbands car, his name is Clarke" She told me, my face fell into scared and sadness.

"He's not like my dad is he ?"I asked Demi.

"No but he isn't the most amazing guy at the moment" Demi told me before opening her front door.

We both stepped inside and a blonde guy with greyish blue eyes appeared, he smiled at Demi then went to give her a hug but stopped when he saw me.

"Who's that ?" Clarke asked rudely.

"That's our daughter, her name is Skye Lovato" Demi said, he frowned then stomped upstairs like a 2 year old.

Demi sighed and closed the door.

"Sorry about him Skye he can be a big baby sometimes" Demi told me, I giggled before going with Demi into the living room.

Evening ~ 9 : 00 PM

After Demi had tucked me in my new comfy bed she told me she would be downstairs if she needed me, once I heard her footsteps stop I fell asleep.

My eyes shot open when I heard loud shouting, I was getting scared and tried to block the noise but it wouldn't work so I decided to go into my bathroom which was connected to my room. I could still hear but I was going to do something that someone told me not to do again...I looked for my razor that I kept only for this, I found it and hovered it over my left arm then slowley placed it on my skin...

"I never wanted kids !" I heard Clarke shout as I slowley pulled it across my skin to help me get ready for the tough bit...

It stung but I could hold it in.

I slashed it across my arm, and the blood spilled into the sink.

"I don't care, I do and she means the world to me !" Demi shouted back at Clarke, I wanted to hear what he had to say before the second slash.

"You've Only just met her, how can she mean the world to you ?!" Clarke screamed at Demi, I slashed so much when I heard the rest when it was too much I stopped and watched the blood pour down my arm and cover the sink...

I grabbed a flannel and covered my arm with it before cleaning the sink and washing the razor, once the pain had eased a little I took the flannel off my arm and the blood gad stopped a little so I went back to bed.

Once I got into bed I heard a little more.

"I know much more about her than you !" Demi screamed back at him, I heard her sigh and walk up the stairs.

I tried to fall asleep and luckily I did and soon went out like a light.


Next Day

I sat at the table and just stayed quiet, Demi and Clarke kept snapping at each other and it felt so awkward.

I had ate my breakfast and when Clarke went upstairs Demi looked at me and smiled, I smiled back a little.

Clarke soon came down in a suit and went to get his shoes on, then walked straight out the door without saying goodbye. I grabbed my plate and placed it on the side and I then went up to my room quietly and sat on my bed, I stared at my cuts before grabbing my Ipad and I looked on my twitter I never told anyone if I got bullied but I got bullied on twitter all the time more and more people were sending horrible tweets, I shook it off and turned my Ipad off I then listened to Two Pieces from Demi's new album It meant a lot to me...


A Few Hours Later

I heard knocking on my door and I turned everything off and made sure I was clean and everything before opening the door, Demi looked at me and came in before closing the door.

"Are you ok sweetie ?" Demi asked me, I looked at her for a while and shook my head.

She sat on my bed and I went and sat with her.

"Tell me what's wrong baby..." Demi said.

I felt tears fall down my cheeks and Demi pulling me onto her lap, I cuddeled into her as she kissed the top of my head.

"Demi he's making me scared and nervous...I mean Clarke is a-and I have to show you something" I told Demi.

"Show me sweetheart" Demi said, I went and got my Ipad and logged onto twitter before showing Demi, She looked at me before grabbing my hand and taking me downstairs.

Once she grabbed her phone she turned it away from me then when she had finished I got a few notifacations, Demi followed me and had gave a shoutout and told people to stop... 

I hugged her tight then the door barged open and Clarke walked into the kitchen.

"Is she still here ! I said I don't want kids !" Clarke screamed.

"I said I don't care what you think, you know what go and fuck someone else ! I have had enough of you !" Demi screamed loudly at him.

"Fine then if that's what you want then I'll do that and here's my fucking ring !" He screamed whilst taking his ring off and lobbing it at Demi and then left.

I stayed quiet, and saw Demi break down.

"D-demi I'm sorry...It's my fault." I said to Demi, she stared at me and shook her head before picking me up and laughing at my reaction.

"It's not your fault and oh my gosh your very light !" Demi told me whilst smiling, I laughed a little.

"You know what...I have a great idea !" Demi said before walking up the stairs with me still in her arms and she walked into her room, the room was a BIG mess clothes were spread everywhere the covers were a mess and it smelt like the stuff boys spray to make them smell like boys.

"Sorry baby It's quite bad but it will get better !" Demi told me before putting me down in a clean place she then grabbed two massive bags and started throwing clothes in them, she then looked at me.

"You helping or not ?" Demi asked, I smiled and nodded before helping her.

Once the clothes that were all over the floor were no longer there Demi made the bed and I noticed underwear on the floor, but his weren't there Demi came back over to me and noticed me staring at the underwear.

"Did he rape you ?" I asked, Tears filled in her eyes as she nodded she then placed them in the basket with all the dirty washing.

She then looked at me and sat with me before kissing my cheek,

"Your gonna have a nice hot bath in a bit I'm gonna wash your hair for you..." Demi told me, I shook my hair as my eyes widened.

Demi grabbed my arm and I screamed in pain, and Demi gasped as tears fell down my face.

"Oh Skye...come here baby" Demi said softly She cradled me in her arms before kissing my nose.

"Look, when he goes I will help you stop properly but your still having a bath." Demi said which made me happy.

We chucked the bags outside and Demi called the police I was shocked on what she told them, he abused her a lot before it scared me. Soon the police arrived and then Clarke came Demi picked me up as he walked in he was furious like really furious !  

He started smashing glasses he looked at me and Demi hid my face in her chest (sounds wrong I know but still) the police grabbed him and luckily arrested him.


After Dinner.

Demi ran the bath and she said she will get in with me if I wanted and I nodded and smiled nervously... 

Once the bath had ran Demi helped me take my top off but left me to take the rest off, once I was in I didn't feel nervous I felt better. She smiled at me and asked if she could get in I waited a while then nodded, I didn't stare at her whilst she got unchanged she then got into the bath. She smiled at me I smiled too then I splashed her she gasped then splashed me back, she then did my hair and once we were done she hugged me I didn't care if I had no clothes on she was to me my mom now...

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