Life As Demi's Adopted Daughter (Demi Lovato Fan Fic)

After having a bad life soon changed and life is now something Skye can say thank you for...

Demi And Skye Lovato


2. Chapter 1 ~ Meeting Demi

The Cast :

Demi Lovato As Herself/Demi Devlin

Cody Simpson As Clarke Devlin

Kristina Pimenova As Skye Woods

Eminem As Skye's Dad/Shayne Woods

Bonnie McKee As Amy Woods

Now Let's Get To The Story...


Skye's P.O.V

I walked down the hall whilst doing parts of my dance sequences I had made up, but I stopped when I felt tapping on my left shoulder I turned round and found Maisy with a box in her hands.

"I found a bunch of Demi stuff and I would like to give them to you" Maisy told me, I smiled widely.

"Can you help me put the stuff up ?" I asked Maisy, the sixteen year old smiled and nodded before passing me the box we then ran off to my room.

We had put most of the posters up and it had made me so happy, me and Maisy were sat on the floor whilst listening to Demi Lovato's new CD Demi.

"Maisy,can I ask you a question ?" I asked Maisy.

"Sure,shoot" She said in a jolly voice.

"Do you think my parents will come back ?" I asked nervously.

Maisy stood up and looked at me.

"Of course they will !" Maisy told me before walking out of my room.

I looked up at one of my Demi posters which showed her smiling and showing her pearly white teeth, I then pulled my sleeve down a little and stared at the faded lines which covered my arm and were never ever going to appear again !

"Thank you for saving me Demi" I said quietly before going down stairs to the kitchen.

Once I walked into the kitchen Britney out 3rd careworker, who is 23 was cooking dinner she looked at me and smiled.

"Hi Skye, could you set up the table for me I've asked Zack and Brooklyn but they've ran off" I laughed a little before grabbing the plates and placing them around the table I then sorted the knifes,forks and glasses for the older ones. Britney then served the dinner before calling everyone, we all sat in our usual seats before saying our prayers.

Once we all finished Britney asked Zack and Brooklyn if they would help clean the table but they ran off once again so I stepped in and told her I would help, she smiled and thanked me.

Whilst washing up mine and Britney's conversation soon went into Demi Lovato talk.

"Have you heard that Demi could be visiting Carehomes soon ?" Britney asked me.

I nodded.

"Yeah but she's probably not going to come here..." I said, Britney raised an eyebrow.

"Don't be so sure on that Skye, Look at this" Britney said to me before passing me a piece of paper.

"S-she's coming today !" I said excitedly.

Britney laughed a little a nodded.

"You never know you could be the lucky one, she could adopt you !" Britney said whilst smiling.

My smile dropped.

"I don't want her to adopt me I want my mom and dad !" I told Britney, she kept her head down and just carried on what she was doing.

A while after we cleaned all the left overs and other stuff like that the door bell went and we watched as Britney and Mark rush over to the door. We all sat in the living room and tried to listen to the conversation outside but it never worked so we all just carried on with what we were doing before. I was just left by myself so I walked out and down the hall and I suddenly heard footsteps, I looked up to see Demi Lovato she smiled at me and I returned it back.

"Hey Skye could you please show Demi around ?" Mark asked me politely, I smiled and nodded.

I walked to the stairs and looked behind me and saw Demi following behind so I walked upstairs with Demi and showed each of the kids rooms and then it came to mine.

"Please don't be shocked by what you see in my room..." I Opened the door slightly but looked back at Demi.

"You've saved me Demi..." I told her before opening the door completley.

I watched Demi look around the whole room and she then looked at me and smiled widely.

"So I'm guessing your a huge lovatic !" Demi said cheerfully, I smiled and giggled a little.

"Uh Sha'll I show you downstairs ?" I asked Demi politely, she smiled.

"Ok then honey" She said before I held her hand and walked downstairs with her, Once we got downstairs I took her through to the kitchen and then to the games and living room.

"Wow It's gorgeous !" Demi told me, I smiled we then sat down and we got to know each other.

"So um, what's your favirote colour ?" Demi asked, I smiled.

"Purple,Black,Dark Red,White and light blue" I told her, she looked at me whilst smiling.

"What's would you like to be when your older ?" Demi asked, I smiled widely.

"A proffesional dancer !" I told Demi, she smiled widely.

"Skye do you want to be adopted ?" Demi asked me, i shook my head.

"No because I want my true parents to come back and get me I know they are missing me !" I told Demi, I noticed the happy look on Demi suddenly turn into a sad face...

"Are you ok Demi ?" I Asked, she looked at me and smiled then nodded.

We were soon interuppted by screaming and shouting and loud footsteps, we all looked towards the door and a male and female appeared and everyone suddenly looked at me, that's when I felt two hands grab my arm and yank me out off the living room. These people were my parents right ?



I felt a hand grab my arm and swing me into the wall and a hand raising and towards my face, I then felt myself fall down to the floor and being kicked all over my small fragile body...

And then the belt, No not the belt...

*End Of Flashback*


As they pulled me I tried to get out of their grip but nothing worked so I had to scream something and there was only one thing that trailed out of my mouth....

"DEMI !,DEMI I WANT TO BE WITH DEMI !" I Screamed and that's when I felt people pull me back and someone hug me warmly, I looked up to see the beautiful Demi Lovato...

"Demi, please stay with me" I said to Demi, she smiled widely before hugging me tightly as my parents screamed.



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