Secrets I Can't Tell...

Jamie Horan, Lily Tomlinson, Darcy Styles, Lacey Payne, and Jewely Malik. You know that old boyband that everybody has forgetten? What was it called...Oh yeah, One Direction. Well, these are their little girls. And beautiful girls they are. But, these 5 little girls hold an amazing secret. A secret that could change their lives and their family's forever...

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12. Chapter 7 ~ Fighting For Dreams & Something Unexpected...


"Hey? Has anyone seen Willy?" I asked looking around.

"No! Oh wow! Where is he?!" Daddy asked and started running around.

"I haven't seen him since we have been here!" Jamie shouted sounding worried.

"I'll look upstairs." I said running up the stairs.

I looked in every room, until I got to the last room, Lacey's room.

"William? You in here?" I asked looking around.

I noticed a lump in the bed. I pulled back the blanket and there was William sleeping curled into a little ball.

"DADDY! MUMMY! I FOUND HIM!!" I shouted.

Daddy came rushing upstairs.

"Wher-" Daddy cut himself off once he saw William. Daddy had a laugh attack causing William to stir.

"Daddy! Shhhh! You'll wake him!" I whisper-yelled.

Daddy didn't stop laugh and William shot up.

"Urgh!" William groaned sleepily.

"Well, Daddy, you have earned the right to deal with him. Good luck with making sure he's not grumpy!" I laughed skipping downstairs.

"Was he alright?!" Mummy asked worried.

"He was fine... you know other than the being an idiot part." I mumbled the last part.

"Sooo! Let's watch some telly!" Darcy laughed as Daddy came downstairs with William.

"We're going shopping!" Aunt Ash shouted. All the girls walked out the door.

Uncle Ni dashed to the couch turning on the telly.

"Okay. What to watch?" he said channel surfing.

"Ohh!" Uncle Ni put the remote down and got comfty.

We all piled on the couch. Since it was an eight-seat couch, I sat on Uncle Haz's lap. Lacey sat on Uncle Ni's lap,  Darcy sat on Daddy's lap, Jewely sat on Uncle Zaynie's, and Jamie layed her head on Uncle Li's leg and spread out, while William sat on the floor at Uncle Li's feet.

"What's this?" I asked study in the telly.

"It's a old episode of a show called, 'The X-Factor'." Uncle Ni said not taking his eyes of the telly.

As I watched I learned that, 'The X-Factor' is were people go to see if they're good enough to reach their dreams.

"Daddy, I want to be on 'The X-Factor'." I said in awe once the show ended.

All of the boys snapped their heads to look at me.

"I don't think that is a good idea..." Daddy said nervously.

"But, why not?! The girls and I could perform. We could sing and be famous. I want to be famous." I begged.

"Are you sure?..." Uncle Li asked.

"Why?! Where we not as good as you said?!" Jamie asked sitting up. She looked hurt.

"No. It's just..." Uncle Haz started.

We all jumped up and stood in a line infront of them.

"JUST WHAT?!" I shouted crossing my arms with sass.

"It's just... You know what?! We said no and that is our final answer! We are your fathers and you will listen to us!" Uncle Zaynie, or should I say,  Unlce Meanie shouted.

The whole time William sat there looking shocked and confused.

"Bu-" I started but, rudely got cut off by Uncle Li.

"No but's!" Uncle Li shouted.


We all followed close behind. We ran to Lacey's room and slammed the door.

"All we want to do was follow are dreams. Why won't they let us?" Lacey sobbed.

"I don't know!!" Jewely cried.

"I have a song that will cheer us up..." Jamie said wiping her tears.

"Jamie you always listen to old school music." I laughed through tears.

"It's better than today's!" she said grabbing Uncle Ni's IPod.

"Here. It's called, 'The Climb'." Jamie said playing a song and set the IPod on the floor.

"I can almost see it,

That dream I'm dreaming

But, there's a voice inside my head

Saying, you'll never reach it..."

The song finished. I realized that it fit our problem perfectly.

"Remember that time I came to visit for Christmas when I was 4?" Jamie laughed.

"And Uncle Ni wrote us all a song." Jewely added.

"It was the first time we sung together." I added.

"The first time we realized our passion." Lacey added.

"The first time we realized our dreams." Darcy finished.

"I have been a music freak since." Jamie laughed.

"I have had this weird thing were I notice the meanings in all songs, since that day." I smiled.

"I have been a diva since that day." Darcy grinned. We all laughed.

"I reaziled that music is the way I can speak when I have no words to say." Lacey said smirking.

"I have realized that I will stop at nothing to follow my dreams." Jewely giggled.

"I think we all realized that, Jewely." I laughed.

"Exactly! That is why we won't stop now! We are going to go out there and put up a fight until they let us follow our dreams!" Jamie said seriously.

"Okay!" we all said at the same time.

"Now let's go!" Jamie said walking out the door.

We all followed her down the steps. We walked to the couch.

"Boys! We have something important to tell you!" Darcy said.

"If it's about X-Factor, we said no!" Uncle Li said sternly.

"NO! We said no! We will stop at nothing to follow our dreams!" Jamie shouted.

"NO! GO UPSTAIRS NOW!" Daddy shouted. I was scared but, that didn't stop me.

"NO! YOU CAN'T HOLD US BACK FROM OUR DREAMS DADDY!" I shouted tears forming in my eyes. I blinked, holding in the tears.

"Before you say anything else, I have something to say. We all speak two languages: English and Music. Music is our main language. Music is our escape when be are caged in. Music and singing are the only ways we get our feelings out..." Lacey said calmly.

"Well, you can still sing and listen to music without X-Factor." Uncle Haz smiled.

"No! That's not the point..." Jewely said.

"I use singing as my gateway when the kids at school bully me." Jamie blurted out.

"I use singing as my gateway when I don't get what I want or I lose something important." Darcy joined in.

"I use singing as my gateway when I can't take it and my emotions feel trapped." Jewely said.

"I use singing as my gateway when things don't go right and nothing gets better." Lacey said.

"I-I use singing as my-y gateway when u-um... Mummy and Daddy leave each other!" I said falling to my knees.

Daddy looked shocked. William froze.

"W-what?! Your M-mummy and D-daddy have been fighting?" Uncle Ni asked looking at Daddy.

"Yes-s and I heard them saying they were having a d-divorce and t-they were leaving each other." I sobbed.

"W-what?!" William sobbed.

"Ohh! Lily, William calm down and come here!" Uncle Li said holding out his arms.

"NO!!" I shouted as I ran upstairs.


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