Secrets I Can't Tell...

Jamie Horan, Lily Tomlinson, Darcy Styles, Lacey Payne, and Jewely Malik. You know that old boyband that everybody has forgetten? What was it called...Oh yeah, One Direction. Well, these are their little girls. And beautiful girls they are. But, these 5 little girls hold an amazing secret. A secret that could change their lives and their family's forever...

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11. Chapter 6 ~ The Five Little Dreamers


"Girls! It's time for dinner!" Aunt Ash shouted.

"Okay!" I shouted back.

I finshed cleaning the dirt off me and ran down stairs. Soon all the other girls followed.

"Okay everyone sit." Uncle Ni smiled.

We all sat down. I sat between Daddy and Uncle Ni.

"Shot me out of the sky." Jamie was singing.

"Jamie? Where did you here that song?" Aunt Kenna asked sounding worried.

"On Daddy's IPod. Why?" Jamie asked with a mouth full of food.

Uncle Li whispered something to Aunt Kenna.

"Nevermind, Jamie." Aunt Kenna smiled.

"Hey, Daddy can we do a singing contest after dinner?" Lacey begged.

"We can use my karaoke machine!" Jamie said with yet, another mouth full of food.

Jamie always had loved singing. We all did. It was our 'thing'.

"Sure go ahead." Uncle Li laughed.

"YAY!" I shouted.

"Jewely Kay! Lower your voice!" Daddy scolded.

"Yes sir." I whispered.

When we finished eating Jamie ran outside. She came back holding the karaoke machine, about to drop it.

"Here give it to me." Uncle Haz said grabbing the machine.

Uncle Haz set it up and we were ready.

"Can I sing first?!" Darcy jumped up and down.

"Sure go a ahead!" Jamie smiled.

Darcy grabbed a chair and stood on it. She grabbed a mic. and smiled.

"Daddy what should I sing?"

"I don't know.." Uncle Haz smiled.

"Can I sing a song Jamie taught me?" Darcy smirked.

"Sure!!" Jamie grinned.

"Okay um.. here it goes..

All I knew this morning when I woke

Is I know something now, know something now,

That I didn't before...

And all I've seen since 18 hours ago is green eyes

And freckles and your smile in the back of my mind

Making me feel right..."

Darcy finished the song and I was shocked. She had a good voice but, I didn't know she was that good.

"Darce! That was..WOW!!" I smiled hugging her.

"Good luck beating that!" Darcy smirked looking around

"Is that a challenge?!" Jamie asked.

"Why I believe it is!" Darcy said walking off.

Jamie went and stood on the chair Darcy was on.

"Okay Darce beat this!" Jamie smiled.

"I've tried playin' it cool,

But when lookin' at you,

I can't ever be brave

Cos' you make my heart race.

Shot me out of the sky..."

"Wow! Jamie! Amazing!" I grinned.


"Okay, works for me!" Darcy smiled.

"Hey girls do your little song you do!" Daddy smiled.

"Um.. okay." I said moving the chair out of the way.

"Ready... here we go!" Lily smiled.

" Five Little Dreamers, in a big world,

Working hard to reach the top,

 And we will never ever stop. Ohh..."

Lacey sung.

"Maybe one day we will get there.

Maybe one day we can get somewhere.


I sung.

"You say, it's hard to get that far,

But you don't know who we really are.


Lily sung.

We finished the song and everyone was staring at us.

"What?! Did we mess up?!" Lily asked looking nervous.

"No! You did amazing! REALLY AMAZING!" Mummy smiled.

"Really? You liked it?!" Lacey squealed.

"LOVED it!" Uncle Haz smiled.

"Thanks!" I smiled...



Hope you like it and the song they all sung I tried to make up... sorry if I copied any lyrics or if it sucks :P ~ Nialler's_Sweetie

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