Secrets I Can't Tell...

Jamie Horan, Lily Tomlinson, Darcy Styles, Lacey Payne, and Jewely Malik. You know that old boyband that everybody has forgetten? What was it called...Oh yeah, One Direction. Well, these are their little girls. And beautiful girls they are. But, these 5 little girls hold an amazing secret. A secret that could change their lives and their family's forever...

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9. Chapter 4 ~ Jamie's here!


"Darcy, will you go wake up Lidia and James?" Uncle Zaynie asked me.

"Sure!" I said racing upstairs to James' room.

"James. Time to get up, Buddy." I whispered into the sleeping baby's ear.

James started crying.

"Uncle Li! Help me!" I shouted downstairs.

"COMING DARCY!!" Uncle Li screamed racing into the room.

"Wha-Oh. James come here." Uncle Li picked up James and craddled him.

"Wake up Lidia for me. Okay?" Uncle Li said walking out the door.

"Okay!" I shouted after him.

I knew Lidia would be easier to wake. I walked over to the floor-bed thingy that she was laying on.

"Lidia! Get up!" I shouted in her ear. See..easier!

"Wha? Darce!" Lidia giggled holding her hands up.

"Your heavy!" I whined picking her up.

I carried her down stairs.

"UNCLE WI-WI!" Lidia shouted jumping down and running to Uncle Li.

Uncle Zaynie sat giggling at the way Lidia said 'Li-Li'.

"Hey, uh Liam. I like your new nickname." Uncle Zaynie laughed.

Just as he said that Uncle Lou and Uncle Ni walked through the door.

"Uncle Ni!!" Lacey yelled running to him.

"Uncle Lou!!" I yelled, copying Lacey.

"Where is Lily?" I asked hugging Uncle Lou.

"She is helping Jamie with her bags." Uncle Lou said sounding mad.

I pushed past Uncle Lou and ran outside.

"JAMIE!" I screamed.

"DARCY!" she yelled dropping her bags and opening her arms.

I ran into her hug.

"I miss you sooo much!" she whispered.

"You too Jamie! You too!" I whispered back smirking.

"Can someone help?" Lily begged.

I looked to see she had four bags that were going to drop. I grabbed to and help take them inside. Soon Lacey and Jewely came out to help.

We took all the bags inside. When we were done it was time for dinner...

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