Secrets I Can't Tell...

Jamie Horan, Lily Tomlinson, Darcy Styles, Lacey Payne, and Jewely Malik. You know that old boyband that everybody has forgetten? What was it called...Oh yeah, One Direction. Well, these are their little girls. And beautiful girls they are. But, these 5 little girls hold an amazing secret. A secret that could change their lives and their family's forever...

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7. Chapter 2 ~ Lace & Jewels


"Holy fudge cake! Lace your so lucky! I can't believe your going to be living with Jamie!" Jewely shouted.

"I know right! I can't wait!" I screamed.

"GIRLS STOP YELLING!" my daddy shouted from downstairs.

"SORRY DADDY!" I shouted back.

"Omg! Lace! You know what I'm getting my daddy for Christmas?!" Jewely whisper/yelled.


"It's a... I'm not telling you! Lace your so gulible!" Jewely said giggling.

"Jewels, your more gulible that meee!" I whined.

"Sureeee I am..." Jewely rolled her I eyes.

"Bye then," I jumped up and ran down stairs.

"Hi Uncle Zaynie!" I yelled sitting on his lap.

"Hey Lacey-Boo!" Uncle Zaynie laughed.

"You know I don't like it when you call me thattt!!" I whined

"Well, what should I call you!" he smirked.

"Um... Lace or just, Lacey!" I smiled.

"Sorry, no can do Lacey-Boo!" Uncle Zaynie had an evil smirk.

"Ugh!" I huffed laying my head on his chest.

Daddy and Uncle Zayn were watching football... typical.

"Daddy which team is winning?" I asked trying to sound interested.

"The team in blue honey." Daddy said smiling.

Soon Jewely walked in and sat on my daddy's lap.

"Hi Uncle Li!" Jewely yelled.

"Hey Jewels!" Daddy said not taking his eyes off the game.

"Oh you two need to get a life!" I yelled getting down.

Right when I said that Mummy walked through the door.

"Mummy!!" I yelled running into her arms.

"Hey Lacey! How was your day?" she asked smiling.

"Good! But, Daddy and Uncle Zaynie's eyes are glued to the football gameee!" I whined.

"They're boys! They are going to be like that, sweetie! That's why girl power is better." Mummy whispered, high-fiving me.

"Lacey will you and Jewely go set the table for supper?" Mummy asked looking at Jewely and I.

"Yes Mummy. Come on Jewely." I said walking into the kitchen.

Jewely and I set the table for dinner. For this dinner Uncle Lou and Uncle Haz were coming over with their families and Uncle Lou was picking Uncle Ni and his family up from the airport on his way. It was going to be one big happy family dinner. :)

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