How To Save A Life

Kylie Pierse and Harry Lindon have been friends for years and have recently started seeing eachother. Harry is a player and sleeps with Gabby Smith, the school slut. Kylie tries to get her own back, but it results in a horrible consequence/


1. Kylie's POV

‘Kylie! Come Here!’ He shouted playfully as I tackled him and sprinted off down the pitch with the ball. I giggled slowing down slightly. I heard him sprint up behind me and he wrapped his arms around my waist. I kissed his cheek and span out of his hug, dribbling the ball towards the goal. I heard him laugh and I shot it into the net. Throwing my arms in the air, I cheered and ran around. He caught me again, picking me up this time. ‘Harry! Put me down!’ I giggled. He span me around so I was on his back and he carried me over to our bag and water bottles. I jumped down from his back and gulped down my drink. ‘That shot was awesome!’ He exclaimed breathlessly. I shrugged smiling. He put his bottle back and ran to get the ball. I put the bottles in his backpack and slung it over my shoulder. He ran back over to me and took the backpack from me. ‘Hey! I am capable of carrying a bag you know!’ I announced, faking hurt. He laughed. ‘I know but I want to be a gentleman.’ He replied, winking at me. I shrugged and opened my packed of gum. ‘Want one?’ I asked Harry. ‘Yeah thanks.’ He replied, opening his mouth. I popped one in and put one in my own mouth. ‘Yours or mine?’ I asked him happily. ‘Erm, Don’t mind Kyle, Yours?’ He replied inquisitively. I nodded smiling at him. He flicked his blonde hair out of his face and looked at me with his beautiful green eyes. He dazzled me with his smile, making my heart melt. I grabbed his hand and we walked back to my house. ‘Hey mum!’ I shouted as I opened the door. I walked into the kitchen and hugged her. ‘Hey sweetie, good day?’ She asked, wiping her hands on a towel.  Harry came into the room and gave her a hug. ‘Hey Julie.’ He said warmly. She smiled at him and then looked back at me. ‘Yeah, it’s been a good day.’ I breathed happily.

We sat down at the table and I tucked into my macaroni cheese.  ‘So honey, what are you up to tonight?’ Dad asked across the table after a while. I finished my last mouthful before answering him.  ‘Doing my College work.’ I said as I looked over at my baby sister Camille. She was bouncing happily in her door bouncer and rubbing her teddy on her cheek. ‘Okay, want anything from Asda?’ He asked as he cleared the plates. ‘Yeah, can I have some new art supplies please?’ I asked politely. ‘Why don’t you come? At least then you can choose.’ He said. I nodded happily, kissing him on the cheek as I left the table. ‘I’ll be ready in 2 minutes!’ I shouted as I ran up the stairs into my bedroom.  I grabbed my white Mickey Mouse crop top, black shorts and red ballet flats. After changing into them I put some of my hair into a waterfall braid and added some slightly tinted lip gloss. ‘Kylie!’ Dad shouted up the stairs. I left my room and went downstairs. ‘Ready.’ I said smiling and grabbing my phone. A text from Harry.

Hey Baby, Wuu2?

Hey, Going to Asda with dad to get art stuff, u? I replied.

A cool breeze blew over me as I stepped into the big superstore. I instantly steered the trolley over to the art section. After browsing the section for a while I filled the trolley, ticking off little items on my mental list.

Pencils (Coloured and Artist)

A4 Pad

A2 Pad

A6 Pad

Artist Pens



I went and found dad browsing the books. He loved to read. That’s where I get it from. He put two books in his trolley and I grabbed two for myself. We walked around the rest of the store grabbing Camille some nappies, dummies and a cute little baby grow I found. It was pink and soft with little butterflies embroidered on it, a matching dummy and a little butterfly teddy! We paid for our shopping and then loaded it into the car. We sang to Paramore on the way home and then Mum and I helped him unload and put away the shopping. I took my new books and art supplies up to my room and settled down for the night. I turned off my light at around half past one and sunk my head into my pillow. I fell asleep quickly.

‘Kylie! Harry’s here!’ Mum shouted up the stairs. ‘Okay, send him up!’ I shouted back.  I heard him come running up the stairs and he burst into my bedroom door. ‘Well hello there.’ He said flirtily.  I laughed and got up to hug him. As he embraced me, I could smell perfume, a cheap tacky one. Certainly not mine. I pulled away from him. ‘Why do you smell of cheap perfume?’ I asked angrily. He looked down at the floor. ‘I was with Gabby.’ He muttered. My hand flew to my mouth as I tried to supress the tears. ‘You… Gabby… Harry! Get out! Get the fuck out of my house!’ I cried, hurt by his actions. ‘Kylie, I was drunk and…’ He started, trying to explain himself. ‘I’ve heard it all before. Fine. I’ll go out with Brad. See how you like that!’ I announced. I picked up my phone and text him.

Hey B, wanna meet up? ;) xxxx

It didn’t take long before he replied with a simple word.

Park xxxx

I walked over to my door and looked at Harry. ‘I’m going out.’  I said with a hint of sadness and regret. ‘Wait! You can’t go out with Brad! He’s a prick!’ Harry replied angrily. I couldn’t believe he had the gall to say this to me. ‘So you can go and fuck a little whore like Gabby but I can’t go meet up with Brad because you don’t like him?’ I asked. He had seriously pissed me off now. ‘Exactly. I shouldn’t have done it but you know what I get like and…’ He tried explaining again before I cut him off. ‘Fuck you and your excuses!’ I screamed and I stormed out of my room, down the stairs and out the door. I virtually sprinted to the park. Brad was already waiting for me.

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