How To Save A Life

Kylie Pierse and Harry Lindon have been friends for years and have recently started seeing eachother. Harry is a player and sleeps with Gabby Smith, the school slut. Kylie tries to get her own back, but it results in a horrible consequence/


2. Harry's POV

‘Pick up! Pick up!’ I mumbled worriedly under my breath. She had been gone for just over four hours and I was panicking, especially as she was with Brad. I swear he has shagged every girl in the whole school. Every girl except Kylie. I hoped that was still the case. I decided to walk to the park after trying her phone over twenty times. No one was there. No one except a naked, shaking girl curled up in a tiny ball on the floor. Kylie! I ran over to her and wrapped my arms around her. ‘Harry, he raped me.’ She spluttered, huge tears streaming down her face like rain. I couldn’t speak. I took of my t-shirt and put it on her. She started hyperventilating so I tried to get her to breathe evenly. She passed out in my arms. I put her in the recovery position and slow, steady tears fell down my face and onto the grass. ‘Kylie, come back to me.’ I said soothingly, trying to keep my own breathing level. I watched the slow rise and fall of her chest. Rise, Fall, Rise, Fall, Rise, Fall, Rise… Where’ the fall? I started really panicking then. I shook her gently, then more vigorously. I yanked my phone out of my pocket and dialled 999. No signal. Bollocks! I threw my phone to the floor. After taking a deep breath in, I started to perform CPR. I don’t know how long it was before I heard a thin intake of air coming from her. It then became deeper and louder, more like a gasp. She was back. 

Total Word Count: 1328

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