When cancer takes you away - one direction one shot

It's about Harry styles, who have met a girl with cancer, and they're deeply in love. If I tell what happens besides that, then I'd ruin the story for you, and I'm not interested in that. Feel free to read my one shot and leave a comment! I'm a danish girl, but I prefer to write english fanfictions, but if there's any danish people, who'd like to read it, then leave a comment, and I'll translate it. >Den er skrevet på engelsk, men hvis der er nogen danskere, der ikke kan engelsk, føler for at læse den, så skrive endelig! Så vil jeg lave en dansk version<


2. The fanfiction

"I don't have much time back, Harry", she said to me, and I could see, she was about to cry. It hurts to know, that the one you love with all of your heart, is about to die, and you can't do anything about it. I met her when me and the boys where visiting hospitals in London a half year ago, and it was love at first sight. I have never really believed in it, but now I have experienced by myself, and even though I'm young, I don't think, I'll ever love someone again, like I love her. "Sophie, you will always be the love of my life", I told her, and took her hand. First time we met, she seemed so fresh and not ill at all, but the last couple of days, has everything just got worse. I know, the time has come, and I knew, this would happen from the start. I promised myself to not fall in love, but I did. 

She can't move, she's lame in her whole body because of the cancer, but she can still talk very slowly, and she understands what we say to her. "I wrote you a letter some weeks ago, read it when I'm gone", she said, and tried to turn her head against me, but failed. "I'm glad you did", I said, and kissed her on the forehead. "Where have you kept it?", I asked, and she told me, it was under her pillow, but I couldn't take it, until she was gone. "You are so beautiful", I told her, because she really is. She's bald, but I don't care, she's still a princess to me. She has blue eyes, and you can see her whole personality in them. They look so happy, strong-willed and just special, and that's the kinda person she is. We're on the hospital right now, and we have been here the last 7 days, and I haven't left once. I can't, I'll be right by her side, when she passes away, I'll give her one last kiss. She's connected to a heart-machine and have wires all over her body. "Get some sleep, hon", she said, but I told her no. "I promises to be here, when you wake up", she continued, but I refused. It's a too big risk, if she passes away. "I'll enjoy my time with you, okay", I told her, and kissed her chin. "Do you remember, when we first met?", she asked, and tried to smile, but couldn't. I started to laugh, and nodded. "I dropped my milkshake all over you, and you got pissed, until you saw I was Harry Styles and the rest of the band stood behind me", I said, and that's where I fell in love with a girl with milkshake all over her clothes. "It was in this hospital", she sighed, and a tear rolled down on her chin, but I wiped it away with my hand. "The boys will miss you too", I told her, because I promised them to tell her that. We all love her, and she actually become really close with the boys, specially Louis. "Can we call Louis, I want to say goodbye", she asked, and I nodded, before I took my iPhone out of my pocket, and called Louis' number.

"Hey, it's Louis", he said, when he picked up the phone. "Hey, man. It's Harry", I replied even though he knows it. "Sophie wants to say goodbye, if it's okay", I said, and putted the iPhone up to Sophie's ear, so she could speak to him. "Hi Louis, I just wanted to say thank you for every thing, and that you're amazing", she said in the phone slowly, and it made me smile. Louis is amazing. "Sophie, you're making me cry. I'm not good at goodbyes", he said in the phone, and if I was right, he was actually crying, which made me emotional too. "It's not a goodbye, we'll meet again later in heaven, it's just for now", she said, and I felt a tear on my chin, but to my luck, Sophie didn't see it. "I'll miss you, Sophie, we all will", Louis told her, and that's when it hit me, that the time actually was near. "I'll never leave you guys, I'll always be near you and take care of you", she said in the phone, so I gave her a kiss on the forehead, and took her hand again. Louis didn't reply, but he was crying, and it just hurts. "I love you, Louis", she said, before she continued: "I'll watch you from heaven, and I'll make sure, you take care of Harry for me". I kissed her hand, and could feel the tears coming, but tried to stay strong. Louis told her, that he loves her too, and he promised to take care of me, before he hung up on the phone. I rose from my chair, so I could lay down in her bed by her side, and just hold her tight. I putted my arms around her, and laid her head on my chest, because she couldn't move by herself. I stroked her arms, and kissed her bald head. "I love you, I really do", she whispered, and I could feel a smile on her lips. "You'll never love me half as much as I love you", I said, and kissed her head again. "Sing to me", she whispered, and I did. 

"I remember the days we spent together were not enough, 
and it used to feel like dreaming, except we always woke up. 

Never thought not having you here now would hurt so much. 
Tonight I've fallen and I can't get up, 
I need your loving hands to come and pick me up, 
and every night I miss you,
 I can just look up and know the stars are holding you tonight."

And then it happened, the line on her heart-machine got straight, which means it's over. She don't have to struggle anymore, and she doesn't have to feel any pain no more, she just went from a princess to an angle. "Sleep well, Love, I'll always remember you", I whispered, while stroking her chin, and then I gave her one last kiss on the head. I couldn't cry, because I know she's better now. The doctor came in and looked at us, and he knew, what had happened. "I'm sorry for your lost. We did what we could", he said, and sent me a smile. "I know, she's better now", I whispered, while I was still stroking her chin and holding her hand. I rose from the bed, and looked at her one last time, and I saw a smile on her lips. The doctor was about to take her away to another room, when I got reminded of the letter. "Wait", I said to him, and he waited. I went over to her bed, and took my hand under her pillow, where I found the letter. "Thank you for everything", I whispered to her, before I let the doctors take her away. When she was gone, her parents arrived to the room, and they had heard the news. I went over to her mom, and gave her a hug. "I'm so sorry", I whispered in her ear, because I can't image the pain they're going through, when it's their daughter. "Did she suffer?", her dad asked me, and I shocked my head. "She was laying on my chest, and I was singing to her, and then she fell asleep", I told him, and they both started to smile. "Thank you for everything you've done for her, Harry", her mom said, and I sent her a smile. 

I was laying in my bed that night, and had just told the boys about it, they were really upset. Louis was crying, and I've never seen him this broken before. I didn't cry at the hospital, but when I came home, it just hit me. I was just looking out the window, looking at the stars, and thinking on her. Did she watch me right now? I had the letter in my hand, and decided to read it. 

"Dear Harry

When you read this, I'm not around anymore, and there's just something, I want you to know. 

First of all, thank you! Thank you for the most amazing half year of my life, you made it worth for me to keep fighting against the cancer as long as possible. When I found out, that had no chances to survive, I was ready to just give up, but then you dropped your milkshake over me, and I found a reason to stay and fight. Before I had you and the boys, I had nothing except my parents. 
You made me feel worth something.

I remember all of our memories. All our sleepless night, where we were just talking about everything, all the kisses, all the laughters,  the first concert you brought me to, our first time, I remember every single second with you, because you made it worth it. I wish, it wasn't over.

You're the most amazing boy, I've met. Your curly hair, your green eyes, your voice. I remember, you always sang to me, when I was upset about my cancer, and you made me feel calm. You're so charming, gently and just perfect to me. I don't want you to be upset about my death, I want you to to find a special girl, and give her everything, you gave me. If she then hurts you, I swear, I'll find her, and haunt her, because that's my job now - to take care of you. 

You made me feel so beautiful and loved, because even though I was balled and ugly and tired, you didn't give up on me. You told me, I was beautiful, and you didn't hide me from your fans, because you weren't embarrassed to be seen with a bald girl. Thank you, Love.

I'll never leave you, and I'll be waiting for you at the light, even if I should wait 100 years, I'll be here, when your time comes. I'll always be with you and the boys. When your on stage, I'll be watching (and singing along to your songs), when your upset or get troubles, I'll be there, to make sure you'll be fine. When Niall runs out of food, I'll make sure, he won't starve. When Louis' annoying you with his poking or messing up your hair, I'll stop him. I'll take care of all of you, because I love you. 

You're the love of my life, and I'm sure, if I haven't had cancer, we'd stand by each others sides till the end. I'll never stop loving you, and I miss you with all of my heart. Keep your head high, boy, and remember, that this isn't a goodbye, it's just a "I'll see you", okay?

And remember when you gave me that neckless last month? I'd like to wear that at my funeral, please. It would mean a lot.

I love you, I really really really do.

                  your new guardian angle, Sophie."

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