When cancer takes you away - one direction one shot

It's about Harry styles, who have met a girl with cancer, and they're deeply in love. If I tell what happens besides that, then I'd ruin the story for you, and I'm not interested in that. Feel free to read my one shot and leave a comment! I'm a danish girl, but I prefer to write english fanfictions, but if there's any danish people, who'd like to read it, then leave a comment, and I'll translate it. >Den er skrevet på engelsk, men hvis der er nogen danskere, der ikke kan engelsk, føler for at læse den, så skrive endelig! Så vil jeg lave en dansk version<


1. Prolougue




"I remember the days we spent together were not enough, 
and it used to feel like dreaming, except we always woke up. 
Never thought not having you here now would hurt so much. 
Tonight I've fallen and I can't get up, 
I need your loving hands to come and pick me up, 
and every night I miss you,
 I can just look up and know the stars are holding you tonight."



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