Twisted Lies

When Cassandra meets Alex everything changes.
What happens when Cassandra and Alex falls in love..
But then Alex meets Valerie. Cassandra is brokenhearted, sad, and mad.
Now that Cassandra is hanging out with Sleeping With Sirens, Alex feels the same way Cassandra felt, brokenhearted, sad and mad.
Can he win her heart back?


1. Cassandra (Ariana Grande)


        "Jack!" I yelled across the hall, no response. Typical Jack, not saying anything until I reach his room. "What." Jack said as his eyes were glued to the tv. "What time is the party." I said emphasising party, "Eight."  I rolled my eyes, "Well it's six." I rolled my eyes, "You Me At Six."  "Weirdo." I mumbled.

       "Tay!"  I smiled, "Hey Cassandra." Tay smiled back, "So how's Jack." I winked, "We aren't together." Tay groaned, "Sure."  "Cassandra!" Jack yelled, "Lets go." I said dragging Tay to the backyard. What does he want now? "What."  "Meet Rian, Zack and Alex." Jack said, "Hi." I said awkwardly, funny how Jack makes his band now.. 

     "So basically you slipped on ice.." I said holding back my laugh, Alex nodded, that's when I bursted out into laughter! "Really?"  "Yes." Alex said with a fake frown, Alex looks like he was going to say something but he didn't. I gave him a confused look and he shook his head. 

    I watched Tay and Jack talk,laugh and smile in the corner of my eyes, "God they need to date." I mumbled, "Who?"  "Tay and Jack." I smiled. "Agree. He's been talking about her like all the time!" Alex said, "Tay does the same!" I smirked, "Plan A." Alex chuckled, "Maybe." I smirked again.

     "Hey guys it's ten lets' go somewhere." I said, "Lets' go." Alex and I ran to the car. "Do you think it's gonna work?" Alex asked, "Ugh... No." I sighed, "Lets' just try it!"  

     I never been this happy around a guy except when I'm around Jack but he can make me mad or annoyed at times! Alex and I ran out the car and stopped, then Alex started dancing out of nowhere. "You're so weird." I giggled. 

      "Zack! Rian!" Alex half yelled, half whispered. As they came towards us, Alex and I smirked. "Okay here's the plan. We ditch them as they talk." Alex blurted, "Nice." I said sarcastically. Alex shrugged, so did Zack and Rian. "I'm gonna go to the restroom.." I said awkwardly, "Same here." Alex, Rian and Zack said. 

     "Ouch." I said as I fell out the window, "Are you okay?" Alex said, "Yeah." I said holding my arm. "Lets' go!" I said as we ran back home. This plan better work.. 

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