Dropping the Bomb

Dropping the Bomb follows the progress of a Young Socialist Society forming in Washington DC, during the months before the Cuban Missile Crisis. If that sounds interesting to anyone.


2. Meeting : 1

September 17th 1962

Class Room 7b

Western High School

Washington D.C

Washington State


Meeting: 1


Kathy: Right, it’s good to see you all here. My names Kathy- if you didn't already know- and I hope you don’t mind Davin taking down the notes on the typewriter; it’s just for further reference in later meetings. If we are going to do this properly, we might as well do it properly right from the start, right? I think a good way to start the meeting, and the society really, would be to go round and tell everyone our stories. I just mean, explain what made you want to come to the meeting today. Is that okay with everyone?


(Everyone nods)


Kathy: Well, I’ll start. I suppose it began a few months ago when I found these old photographs and newspaper clippings in the garage about this town called “Home”. It was one of those Utopian places, where you could do what you wanted and everyone was equal. I mean it looked amazing, I’d love to go and live somewhere like it one day – not “Home” though, I think there was some sort of trouble and it was disbanded- but somewhere similar. Anyway, I started looking into it, other towns like it, where they had systems set up to share the wealth among residents, really innovative stuff. Then I was at the library, looking for some books on it, and that’s when I got talking to Henry. So, that’s how I got here. Umm Henry, do you want to go next?


Henry: Yeah, sure, I’ll go. Okay, so I’m Henry, and I suppose I’m here because I’m tired of being treated the way we are. I know Black Americans are supposed to be making progress with the bus boycott, the brown case etc, but just look at what happened in Little Rock. We are never going to gain equality without a complete overhaul. So, one night I was trying to tune my battered old radio and I got this station with this women shouting about equality etc. It was communist propaganda trash really, but it was enough to make me look into the whole idea a bit more. I’d been reading up on it for about, half a year before I met Kathy. Then we had the idea for this, and now we’re here. So yeah… that’s it…Davin do you want to talk now, I’ll take the typewriter if you like?


(Davin passes the typewriter to Henry)


Henry: Wow, you really have taken down everything haven’t you Davin.


Davin: Well, it is good to be, err, thorough. Well, I’m Swedish, you can tell by my accent? Of course. But I have lived here in America for more than four years now. I don’t know if you know, but the Swedish Socialist Party is quite, err, successful, and my parents were strong supporters. But, of course that is a big no, no here. So when Edwin and I saw Kathy reading about it, well, I was very happy. It’s not just me! Yippee!


(Davin punches air with mock enthusiasm)


Davin: So I asked her about it, and she told me about Henry and, now, I am here, with all you beautiful people.


(Smiles from everyone)


Davin: So, I will take back the typewriter now Henry, okay?


(Henry passes typewriter to Davin)


Kathy: Bonnie, I think it’s your turn next.


Bonnie: Oh right. Err, well I’m Bonnie, I go to school with Henry, that’s how I heard about this group. I suppose, I mean, I’m probably here for the same reasons as Henry. You know, my Dad died when I was young so we’ve only had one wage coming in- not that you can really call it a wage, more pocket money. My Mom’s a maid at a big military household uptown. Soon, I’ll probably be heading out to work somewhere similar- we really need the extra money- but the thing is I don’t want to. I don’t want to be a maid, you know. I’m clever, all my teachers say so, and I want to do more than wash dishes. I want to do something with my life, you know but because I’m coloured that’s not going to happen without change. That’s why I’m here, for change.


Kathy: Great! That’s really great Bonnie! Really inspirational. So Edwin, how about you?


Edwin: Oh, well, I’m just here with Davin.


Henry: Come on. You must have another reason why you came today. We've all told our stories…


Edwin: Like I said, I came here with Davin. He’s my friend. I came so he wouldn't be coming alone. That’s the truth, or would you rather I make up some sad story about being underprivileged and just wanting to be free? Is that what you want, because you’re not going to get it? Alright?


Davin: Ed, you need to calm down. Henry can you take this?


(Henry takes over the typewriter while Davin goes to talk privately with Edwin)


Kathy: Okay… well I think that’s it for today, I’m sorry about how short the meeting has been, but until we find a more permanent meeting place, we will just have to make do. Um, are you two alright over there?


Davin: Yes, we will be fine.


Kathy: Right, well I think all that’s left…


Edwin: Kathy. Henry.


Kathy: Yes Edwin.


Edwin: I’m sorry for shouting like that, it was out of order. Oh and you too Bonnie, I didn't mean to sound like I was poking fun at your situation. It just came out that way.


Bonnie: I know. You didn’t mean it. Sometimes when people ask too many questions, and don’t mind their own business you can just… explode. Not your fault.


Kathy: Um, right, well thank you for that Edwin. Well, all that’s left to be said is to thank you all for a great first meeting, and hopefully it will be the first of many.


Davin: Hear, hear! To the Washington DC Young Socialist Society!


(Smiles, laughs and chatter ensues)

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