Somewhere, beyond our realm, lies the realm of the 'monsters'. This is the place where monsters like vamps, werewolves, witches, etc., can live without fear that humans will find them. There is one type of monster that is feared beyond all. They are the youkai. Nobody's really sure what they are, so they settled with the name youkai, which means monster in Japanese. They have super speed, excellent hunting skills, magical powers, perfect senses, and are more dangerous then all other momsters combined. This story takes you on a trip with Raven, one of the most powerful youkai there is. She is constantly bothered by Kalil, a handsome youkai who has had his eye on Raven since she was 13. Now its three years latee. What happenes when she's out hunting and meets a little girl. Normally, she'd just kill it for hunting on youkai grounds, but what if it's human? Humans aren't allowed in the realm of the monsters. So Raven is left with one question. How is a human in the realm of the monsters?


4. Reese.

I pushed Marmalade into the bushes and put a spell on her and her basket to hide the scent. I pulled Kalil onto his feet and double-checked to make sure Marmalade was completely covered before turning to where the voice was coming from. Just then, the Maxwell twins bounced out from behind the trees. As soon as they saw Kalil, they started tripping over their own feet and blushing. Jessica and Jade were obsessed over him. They were practically drooling when I cleared my throat loudly. Jade gave me a dirty look and turned to Kalil. "I knew we heard Raven, but I didn't think you were with her." She said flirtatiously. "Uhhh........yeah....we were out hunting. We're actually quite busy at the moment, right Rave?" He said, turing and giving me a 'help me' look. He's despised them since we were little. Kalil and I were practically forced to be best friends since we were born three days apart and grew up together. Jessica and Jade are three years younger than us. I was about to help him, when I realised he called me Rave again. Maybe spending the day with two hormone-crazed thirteen year olds will do him some good. "Actually," I said, flashing Kalil a huge smile, "we were just finishing up. I'm sure he would love to spend the ENTIRE day with you. It is only midday after all." Kalil gave me an 'are you crazy?' look. I mouthed the word 'Rave' at him and realization washed over his face. "But Raven, I thought that we were going to spend the day together." He said desperately, looking at me pleadingly. "I heard something about going to see Kraiton." Jessica said, still staring at Kalil. "Yes. I thought that I'd go visit my uncle tomorrow, and Kalil wanted to come." I snapped, getting annoyed at their pestering. "Whatever. Let's go, Kalil." Jade said, latching onto Kalil's arm. Jessica latched onto the other one and they began dragging him away. He looked back over his shoulder and gave me a glare. I blew him a kiss and watched as he was dragged out of sight. When I was sure they were gone, I turned back to the bush and told Marmalade that she could come back out. She came out and brushed leaves and twigs out of her hair. "Where did that boy go?" She asked, finally getting all of the stuff out of her hair. "Oh, Kalil had to go. I'm gonna head back to camp too. One question, do you like animals?" I asked her. She nodded. "Perfect. We'll be back first thing in the morning, alright?" I told her. She nodded again and hugged me. I was shocked at first, but hugged her back. We said our goodbyes and I headed back to camp, picking up everything Kalil and I caught. When I got back to camp, I gave the triplets two salmon a peice, and went to give Kalil his deer. I found him in the Maxwell area, sitting in between Jessica and Jade and looking very uncomfortable. I asked permission from Mrs. Maxwell for permission to come into their area and she granted it, looking quite surprised, since I never go near their area. I walked past her and went up to Kalil. As soon as he saw me, he jumped up. "Well, it was nice, but-" I cut him off by saying, "I just came to drop off the deer you caught, that's all. See ya later." I said, dropping the deer by his feet and spinning around. I could feel him staring at me as I walked away. I went back to my area and devoured my meal. I took Jasper out and let him hunt. After he had eaten his fill of fish, we went back to camp and just lazed around for the day. Right before sundown, the triplets asked if I would take them for a ride on Jasper. Jasper's ears perked up when he heard that. I agreed and took them for a ride around youkai territory, then landed a few yards away from camp by a lake. I taught the triplets how to catch fish and they caught on pretty quickly. Soon we were catching fish for fun, keeping them to eat in the morning. We found a tree with huge leaves and wrapped the fish in them. After about an hour, we had caught 27 fish and were getting ready to head to camp when Kalil stormed toward us, looking quite angry. He walked up to me and mouthed 'you're dead' before turning and walking away, jumping when he saw Jasper. I just ignored it and helped carry the fish back to camp. I took nine fish and gave the rest to the triplets. I went over to my area and found Jasper sound asleep. I sat down and was about to fall asleep when I saw Kalil walking toward me. "Hey." I said, deciding to eat a fish. I unwrapped it and was about to eat it when Kalil snatched it and ate it whole. "DUDE!" I said, jumping up. "How could you leave me alone all day with.....them?!" He hissed, tackling me. "You called me Rave!" I laughed, pushing him off me. He sat up next to me, a grin on his face. "Seriously. Just because I called you Rave?" He asked. He ran his fingers through his hair and screamed when Jasper moved his head and snored. I put my hand over my mouth to stifle a laugh. "You think it's funny being terrified by a "four year old" beast?!?!" He whined, putting air quotations around 'four year old'. "Sort of." I replied, unwrapping another fish. I ate it just as Kalil made a grab for it. He fell awkwardly and ended up with his head in my lap. I pushed him off and stood. I wiped the dirt off my pants and grabbed my water bottle. I drained the bit that was in there and walked out of the camp. Just as I hoped, Kalil followed. If I was going to talk to him about Marmalade, I couldn't risk anyone in camp overhearing. I walked to the stream a few minutes away from camp. "We leave at dawn. If you're late, you won't go. Simple." I said, unscrewing the top, bending down and filling my bottle. "That's so early. Why do we have to leave then?" He asked, pouting. "We need to make sure no one sees us." I replied. I couldn't say Marmalade's name, just in case someone was listening. "Fine!" He huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. "Good boy!" I said, pinching his cheek. I screwed the top back on my bottle and walked back to camp. I curled up next to Jasper and fell asleep in under 10 minutes.

        When I awoke, the sun hadn't risen yet. I decided to eat breakfast, and ate the rest of the fish I had from yesterday. By the time I had finished the fish and drank half of the water in my bottle, I could see the sun beginning to rise. As if on cue, Kalil appeared in front of me. "It's so early!" He whined. "Shut up!!!" I whispered/hissed. I woke up Jasper and led him out of the camp. I told Kalil to watch him while I went back into the camp. I grabbed my water bottle and was going to get Kalil's when Aero woke up. "Where are you going, Raven?" He asked, looking at his two brothers sound asleep, then looking back up at me. "I'm going to see my uncle, I'll be back in a few days." I replied, which was true. It would take at least three days to get my Uncle Kraiton's place on foot, but it'll only take a few hours riding Jasper. I'm guessing it'll take a few days to get this whole mess situated. I was afraid Aero would ask why it would take so long with Jasper here, but, thankfully, he just nodded and went back to sleep. I got Kalil's water bottle and headed back out of camp. Instead of going out and finding just Kalil and Jasper, I found the Maxwell twins as well. "I just know Raven wouldn't mind if we tagged along." Jade was saying to Kalil. I could tell that Kalil was trying to come up with a excuse as to why they couldn't go. "Bbut you can't go because-" "Because I would mind." I said, cutting Kalil off. He seemed relieved that I had. Jade gritted her teeth and replied, "I think that we have just as much right to go with you to see Kraiton as Kalil does. Or are you two trying to hide something?" "Actually," I said, anger bubbling up inside me, "you don't." "And why not?" She asked. All the while Kalil and Jessica were just watching us go back and forth and Jasper was asleep again. "Because... and this next part is going to blow your mind!" I said sarcastically, "I. Don't. Like. You." Jade stared at me, shocked that I would say that to her face. "If you don't like me, then why don't you fight me? I can finally earn the title of the strongest." She replied after much thought. "You wanna fight me?" I said, giving her a 'have you lost your mind' look. "Come on! Do something! Hit me then! Come at me! Yea, that's why your not doing anything!" She said, jumping around and motioning for me to 'come at her'. I laughed and pretended like I was about to hit her. She squealed and ran and hid behind Kalil. I smirked and stood there with my arms crossed. Kalil was trying unsuccessfully to stifle a laugh, and it didn't look like Jessica was trying at all not to laugh. "I knew you were just bluffing! You don't have the guts! Not like Reese did." Jade said from behind Kalil. I froze when I heard that name. "But, that boy was just TOO stupid. To think that he could actually survive there-" "Move out of the way Kalil." I said, teeth barred. My fangs were sharpening and growing in length, and I could tell that my eyes were bright red, which signified a whole new level of anger. "Calm down Raven, I'm sure she didn't mean anything by it." Kalil said nervously, his voice wavering. He's only seen me this angry once before and I could tell it scared the crap out of him.  "I did mean it! What's she gonna do about it!" Jade said. As if she hasn't already said enough. "I SAID MOVE!!" I shouted at Kalil. Jasper had woken up and was staring at Jessica, who had long since moved a safe distance away. Kalil slowly moved away to reveal a very frightened Jade. She should be scared. "Say that again." I told her, taking a step forward. She took a step back. I took another one forward, she took two back. I didn't even give her enough time to react before I had ran forward and raked my claws down the side of her face. She screamed in pain, and I realized that she would probably wake the entire camp if she screamed again, and Kalil and I still needed to leave with Marmalade undetected. I ripped moss off of a nearby tree and made it into a suitable gag. I tied it over her mouth and saw that she was already crying. Too bad, because this isn't anywhere near over. I wasn't not going to kill her, just hurt her enough to get the message through to her, her sister, and anyone else who thinks they can talk so freely about Reese. I grabbed her by the hair and brought her closer to me. "You will never say his name again." I threw her on the ground and brought my boot down on her chest. I heard a few cracks and knew that at least four of her ribs were broken. I saw that the sun was almost up completely and realized that Kalil and I had to go. I looked down at the broken and beaten up Jade and smiled. I could feel my fangs returning to normal and I'm pretty sure my eyes went back to their normal electric blue, too. "Let's go." I told Kalil, walking over to Jasper, who was still staring at Jessica. "Listen to me Jessica," I said, watching as Jessica broke her staring contest with Jasper and looking at me with fear in her eyes. "If you know what's good for you, you won't tell anyone about this. Also, this should be pretty clear, but just in case you didn't get the message, you do not speak of him, especially not so freely." She nodded her head fiercely and ran, taking Jade's arm and dragging her along. Kalil stood there, looking at me like I was insane. "I said let's go. We need to move. Now!"


***What's uppppppp?! I hope whoever is reading this enjoyed the chapter! I'm running out of ideas for this story and I could really use a co-author. If you're reading this and you want to co-author  with me, just let me know. Until next time, I bid you all a goodbye XD. ~Blackdarkness~

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