Somewhere, beyond our realm, lies the realm of the 'monsters'. This is the place where monsters like vamps, werewolves, witches, etc., can live without fear that humans will find them. There is one type of monster that is feared beyond all. They are the youkai. Nobody's really sure what they are, so they settled with the name youkai, which means monster in Japanese. They have super speed, excellent hunting skills, magical powers, perfect senses, and are more dangerous then all other momsters combined. This story takes you on a trip with Raven, one of the most powerful youkai there is. She is constantly bothered by Kalil, a handsome youkai who has had his eye on Raven since she was 13. Now its three years latee. What happenes when she's out hunting and meets a little girl. Normally, she'd just kill it for hunting on youkai grounds, but what if it's human? Humans aren't allowed in the realm of the monsters. So Raven is left with one question. How is a human in the realm of the monsters?


1. Kalil.

Raven's p.o.v.

I was perched on a branch in a high tree. Everything was silent. I sat there on full alert, listening for the slightest sound. I heard a twig snap by a faraway bush.

'Stupid animal' I thought as a smile creeped it's way onto my face. I leaped from branch to branch making no sound at all. When I got to the branch right above the bush, I saw it. It was a grown gazelle. I honestly didn't expect it to be fully grown. Only baby gazelles make that mistake. Either way, it would be a good catch. I prepared myself to leap. Just as my feet left the branch, someone shouted,

"HEY RAVEN!" The gazelle's head snapped up and it took off. I was gonna kill whoever scared off my dinner, but right now, I needed to catch it. Prey has been scarce and this is the first gazelle I've seen in days. I landed on my feet and took off running after it. The gazelle was fast, but I was faster. It got out of my train of sight, but I could still hear its hooves pounding on the ground as it tried to get away. When I saw it again, I took a huge leap and landed on its back, sinking my claws into its raw flesh. It fell to the ground with a huge thud. It panicked, bucking and kicking, trying to get me off. I smiled, flashing my fangs before sinking them into the gazelle's neck. It gave one more kick before going still. I picked up the gazelle and prepared to return to the rest of the youkai. We stay together, but hunt alone. If you don't catch anything, you don't eat. Babies and toddlers were an exception. If they were related to you, it was you and your family's responsibility to make sure they eat. We don't age after 21, so we don't have to worry about 'elders'. I was very happy with my catch, but I was still going to hurt whoever interrupted me and almost made me lose my catch. When I got back to our 'camp', I decided to share my catch with my little cousins.

"Warren, Morgan, Aero. I caught something for you guys, come eat." I called. Three little kids rushed over to me. They were 5 year old triplets, and were pretty much identical. When they saw the gazelle, their eyes lit up.

"That's a really big animal. Are you really gonna let us have some?" Morgan asked, jumping up and down.

"Of course, come on." I said, walking over to my family's 'area'.

"Hi mom, hi dad." I said as I passed my parents. They were sharing a wild boar.

"Hello Raven. That's a great catch." My parents said at the same time.

"Thank you. I'm going to share with the triplets, if that's alright with you." My mother nodded her approval.

"Thanks auntie." All three of the little boys said at the same time, bouncing after me. I settled in a spot in the corner and ate my fill. Once I was done, I stood up and stretched. The triplets were still eating, so I decided now was the time to find out who screamed at me while I was hunting. I walked into the center of the camp and stood there. Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at me. All of the anger I felt when my prey ran came flooding back into my mind.

"Who shouted at me while I was out hunting?" I said in a deadly whisper. I'm pretty sure my eyes were coal black. Everyone looked shocked. Someone had to be really stupid to have done that. I was by far the most dangerous youkai alive today. No one answered my question.

"I want to know WHO DID IT! NOW!" I was quickly losing my temper. Everyone cringed under the power in my voice. Still, no one decided to come clean. Just as I was about to yell again, a guy walked up behind me. I had a feeling I knew who it was, but I didn't turn around just yet.

"Would this person have said 'hey Raven'?" I whipped around and grabbed him by his collar in under a second. As I dragged him out of camp, I heard people saying 'of course,' and 'he's dead.' When we got out of camp, I let him go and sent a roundhouse kick to his jaw. It hit, and he stumbled back. He cursed and spat out blood as he rubbed his jaw.


"But did you lose it? Damn you kick hard." Kalil said, still rubbing his jaw. I think I may have broke it, but it was alrealdy healing.

"Don't be such a wuss. You've had a broken jaw before. You better be glad I didn't lose it, or I probably would have killed you." I sneered. He stopped rubbing his jaw and looked like he just had a genius idea. I'm surprised a light bulb didn't appear over his head.

"You know, you're right Raven. Let me show you how sorry I am." He said quietly. He took a few steps toward me. He smiled and leaned in to kiss me. I slapped him as hard as I could. He shouted some profanities and charged me. Typical. I ducked and tripped him. Now he was face down in the grass.

"Don't ever try to kiss me again, k?" I said, walking back into the camp. I decide I'd take an hour nap, then go see Jasper. I went over to my own area, which I get because I'm the most powerful, and curled up in a ball. Within minutes, I was asleep.

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