Somewhere, beyond our realm, lies the realm of the 'monsters'. This is the place where monsters like vamps, werewolves, witches, etc., can live without fear that humans will find them. There is one type of monster that is feared beyond all. They are the youkai. Nobody's really sure what they are, so they settled with the name youkai, which means monster in Japanese. They have super speed, excellent hunting skills, magical powers, perfect senses, and are more dangerous then all other momsters combined. This story takes you on a trip with Raven, one of the most powerful youkai there is. She is constantly bothered by Kalil, a handsome youkai who has had his eye on Raven since she was 13. Now its three years latee. What happenes when she's out hunting and meets a little girl. Normally, she'd just kill it for hunting on youkai grounds, but what if it's human? Humans aren't allowed in the realm of the monsters. So Raven is left with one question. How is a human in the realm of the monsters?


2. Jasper.

When I awoke, I was greeted by a pair of green eyes. I instinctively brought my hand up to claw at whoever frightened me. When I realized it was just Kalil, it was too late. My claws dug into his skin and left 5 symmetrical marks on his face. He winced and brought his hand up to the marks. They were already bleeding heavily.

"Kalil! Why were you standing over me?" I asked sleepily.

"Just came to say good morning. Jeez, you love hurting me don't you?" I asked angrily.

 "Morning?! Oh crap, I've got to go." I said, realizing I slept all night.

"Where?" Kalil asked, wiping the blood off his face. The claw marks healed, but they left nasty scars.

"None of your buisness." I snapped, standing up and stretching. While I was stretching, I noticed Kalil staring at me.

"It's rude to stare. See ya." I said, smirking. I walked out of the camp, only to realize I was being followed.

"Go away, Kalil." I sighed, not even bothering to turn around.

"Not until you tell me where you're going." He said. I could feel his eyes on me.

"If you must know, I'm going hunting for breakfast, bringing something back for the triplets, and going to see Jasper." I said, turning to face him. If you take the time to really look at him, you'll realize that he isn't ugly. He's actually pretty good looking. His white hair (every youkai has white hair) falls perfectly over his bright green eyes, and he's well built. If he wasn't so egotistical, I'd probably have a crush on him. Sadly, he's the most arrogant person I know.

"Who's Jasper?" He asked, a hint of jealousy in his voice. An idea popped into my head.

"Come with me, I bet he'd love to meet you." I said in a sickeningly sweet voice.

"Alright. I need to meet the guy that's trying to steal my girl." Kalil said, smiling. Oh, this is gonna be fun. I told him to meet me at the entrance to camp in an hour. While hunting, I caught a rabbit for myself, and a 3 sparrows for the triplets. After we had eaten, I went and told my mom I was going to see Jasper.

"Okay. I've got to tell you something." My mother said. "Well, your birthday is in a week and a half. Think of this as an early birthday present."

"Mom, are saying what I think you're saying?" I asked, excitement flooding through me.

"Yes, Jasper can come back to camp." She said with a smile.

"Thank you. He can sleep in my area and everything!" She laughed at my excitement. I gave her a bear hug and ran out of camp, grabbing Kalil by the collar of his shirt and dragging him along with me.

"Woah woah, what's the rush?" Kalil said, obviously annoyed that I'd stretched out his favorite shirt.

"Jasper can move into camp!" I said before taking off into the woods at full speed. I was worried about scaring off prey. Even though I was running, I was as silent as can be. Kalil, on the other hand, was making as much noise as possible, stomping through the woods and yelling for me to wait up. I decided to wait at the edge of youkai territory.

"We're not leaving our territiory, right?" He said once he had caught up to me. "Of course we are. Jasper lives in the montains on the other side of vampire territory." I said, pointing to a mountain range in he distance. We'd have to pass through werewolf, then vampire territiory to get to the mountains. I walked right over the border into werewolf territory. Kalil was a little more hesitant. I had to literally pull him over the border. We walked through 'werewolf land' so it wouldn't have seemed like we were hunting. We got through werewolf land without any trouble, then came 'vampville', as I like to call it. Halfway through, we met a patrol. I guess there motto was to attack first, ask questions later. They stopped trying to kill us when they realized who I was.

"Raven, we're sorry. I'm guessing you're going to see Jasper?" I nodded to the vamp who said it. I think his name was Quinton.

"Yea, this is Kalil, by the way. I won't be visiting Jasper anymore. He's coming back to camp with me." I explained. Quinton nodded and let us carry on. When we got out of vampville, Kalil let out a breath I guessed he'd been holding since we left our territory.

"Wuss." I said under my breath. I guess he heard it, because he gave me a sour look before we kept moving. When we got to the bottom of the huge mountain, I took a deep breath before beginning to climb. Kalil looked at me like I was crazy before climbing up after me. When we got to the top, I went inside a cave located on the side. Kalil followed me inside, then collapsed on the ground with his eyes closed. A huge snout nudged him, flipping him onto his stomach.

"Raven, leave me alone." He whined.

"That's not me," I laughed, "that's Jasper." Kalil opened his eyes and looked up, only to meet the huge yellow eyes of my red pet dragon, Jasper. Kalil screamed and scrambled up, holding his hands up in surrender. He started back up slowly, getting way to close to the edge of the cave.

"KALIL!" I screamed, sprinting over and catching him as he fell out. I pulled him back in the cave and he fell on top of me. "Well, this is nice." He whispered. He was way too close for comfort. I pushed him off of me and stood up. I walked over to Jasper and started rubbing his snout. He nuzzled me affectionately. "Kalil. This is Jasper." I said, looking at Kalil. I burst into laughter when I saw him. He was pressed up against the wall, and he looked super frightened. "Y-you could have told me he was a DRAGON, YOU KNOW!" He stuttered. "Guess what Jasper. You can come to camp with me." I said happily. "Come on Kalil. Let's get Jasper to camp. I need to go hunting for lunch for me and the triplets." I said, climbing on Jasper's back. Kalil just stood there, not moving. "Alright, you try getting back to camp without me." I said, preparing Jasper for flight. That seemed to snap Kalil out of his 'trance', because he started to approach Jasper slowly. Jasper whipped his head around to look at Kalil. Kalil squeaked and fell onto his butt. I started laughing uncontrollably. He glared at me and put his hands out, walking towards Jasper and I with caution. He jumped when Jasper moved again. "Seriously?" I asked, sliding off Jasper and running over to Kalil. I grabbed him by his arm and pulled him over to Jasper. "Get on." I said pushing up and onto Jasper. Kalil froze. I got on in front of him and told Jasper to take off. "I'd hold on if I were you." I told Kalil as Jasper backed up and ran out of the cave. Kalil wrapped his arms around my waist and held on tight. Jasper dropped about 20 feet before soaring back up. I looked back at Kalil. His head was buried into my neck and he seemed to be whimpering. "You can look now, Kalil." I told him, laughter bubbling up inside of me. He raised his head up a little and looked around. When he realized we weren't plummeting to our doom, he sat straight up. "You okay, scaredy cat?" I asked, full on laughing by this point. "Scared. Kalil Black doesn't get scared." He said confidently. "Oh, so you wouldn't mind jumping off of Jasper right now and plummeting into vampville?" I asked. He looked at me wide-eyed and held onto me tighter than before. "That's what I thought." I said smugly.

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