Im No Flower

If you returned home one day from school only to find your mother telling you that she is putting you up for adoption and that you mean nothing to her. What would you do? Well im still trying to figure that out. But what will happen when I finally do get adopted? Will the parents love me? Will they accept me? where will I go? what will happen to me?


4. The little chat

Julianna's POV.

Flash back

"See ya when hell freezes over." I say and walk to the forest.

'its already did.' I hear a voice say...

Flashback end

I don't need to turn around to know who it is. Its harry. I continue to walk

"What now babe? You think I'm going to let you get away like that? Why dont you give me a little kiss on the check?" he says after turning me around and pointing to a place right above his jaw on thee left side of his face.

"And now why would I do that?" I say and turn back around.

"I told you to do something bitch. Now do it!" He yells at me and turns me around again.

"Why should it? I don't want to get your ugly germs on me." I say. I'm honestly trying to hide my terror. I'm scared of nothing. But he is my worst nightmare.

"Listen here slut. I have tried to be nice to you. You have  two options. you can either come with me with ought a hassle, or I can knock you out and drag you there. Which will it be?" He asks.

"Depends on where your taking me." I say and step closer to him.

"Once were done, you wont care where you are." He says trying to be 'sexy'.

I step closer to him and put my hand on his chest.

"Okay.. lets go..." I say.

Now before you get all "What are you doing?" or "Your so stupid." Hold up. I'm running away. I need a place to stay. And yeah I know a boy from my dad's band isn't the best place to go, but you get what you get. Oh and before I forget. When I wrote "Whats a runner always a runner" I ment that I ran away from my mom .... a lot. And I also have a plan.

"lets go babe." Harry says



Anywhore. I'll update later.

Like it?

Hate it?

Let me know!!

Well bye bye for now xxxxx ~Corrin.

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