Im No Flower

If you returned home one day from school only to find your mother telling you that she is putting you up for adoption and that you mean nothing to her. What would you do? Well im still trying to figure that out. But what will happen when I finally do get adopted? Will the parents love me? Will they accept me? where will I go? what will happen to me?


1. Alone

MY name is Julianna Grey. I have long brown hair, brown eyes, and im around 5'3". I'm 13 and I live with my  mother. I have a best friend, Michael. But he moved away last week and I haven't talked to him since then. I don't like many things and I hate school. The people that is. They call me fat, ugly, worthless, and a bunch of other stuff. But I don't listin to them. I just let thee words roll off my back like water on a duck.


"Mom? I'm home." I yell to my mom as I walk threw the front door of my  house. I place my book bag next to the table and drop my keys in the bowl.

"IN here. And come here we need to talk." She replied from the den. Whenever she says that it always scares me.

"Yeah mom?" I answer walking into the den.

"Why are my bags sitting on the floor?" I ask while sitting down on the leather couch. "And who is she?" I ask pointing to the strange lady in a business suit.

"She is here to take you to the adoption center. Im putting you up for adoption because-"

"Mrs. Grey that is enough." The lady says cutting her off before she could continue. My mother and I never had a very stable relationship. "Go change and come back down. We leave in 10 minutes." She tells me.

"o-okay..." I say getting up and walking to my room. I walk up the stares and into my now empty room. She did all of this in one day? I'm impressed. She never dose anything.

I walk over to my closet and get out the remaining close. A pair of black shorty shots, a white tank top, and a blue band camp shirt. I take off my school close and slip on the other. I also grab a pair of black moccasins and put my hair up in a bun. That's when I begin to cry. I hate people seeing me cry. So I try my best not to. I dry my tears and walk down stares.

When I reach the last step the lady and my "mom" are there.

"I-" my mom starts before I cut her off.

"I hope you have a good life and live long..." Was all that I said before turning to the lady.

"Im ready.."

"Ok. Of we go then." She said as I walked threw the doors the last time and closing them behind me.


I sat in the front seat of her car. I don't know what kind it is because I'm not a car person.

"I know its hard but there will be a family to love you."

"Yea.... and that's going to happen when hell freezes over." I answer. I'm nt mad or anything like that. Im just very crabby.

" We already have one man looking for a daughter. Some one around your age. He's here now." She says as we pull up to a building.

We get out and walk inside. I walk down a large hall way and into a room full of girl when I see a man. he looks like Simon Cowell from the  X Factor. He starts to approach me with a grand smile.

"I do believe that I haven't met you yet." He tells me.

"No I just got here.." I say in a very shy voice while looking at the ground.

"Well you seem perfect for a daughter. Would you like to be mine?"

"Sure!" I say very excited that I wont have to stay here with all these girls.

"Well that was quick! Lets get you filled out and you'll be on your way!" Said the service lady. I still didn't get her name.


After Simon got all the paper filled out, we walked out to his car and I put my bags in the trunk an crawled in the front seat.

"Well Jewls, you ready?" he asked, he seamed very excited and had the huge grin on his face again. I smiled at the nickname

"yupp!" I replied popping the 'p'.

" Great because I have a surprise for you! do you like One Direction?"

"There ok. I never really listened to them before. But I know who they are."

"Well your going on tour with them and me. I refuse to leave my daughter at home alone for 6 months."

This is going really fast. I got abandoned, adopted, and told that im going on tour with famous people all in one day.

"Sounds fun" I say while turning on the radio. Waiting outside the lines by Greyson  Chance comes on.

"You'll never enjoy your life

Living inside the box

Your so afraid of taking chances,

how you gunna reach the top?

Rules and regulations

 force you to play if safe

get rid of all the hesitations

Its time for you to seize the day"

I sing along to it really loud and I could care less who heard me.

I laugh when Simon starts singing along also.

"We'll be there in about an hour or two. Why don't you get some sleep Jewls?" He says handing me a pillow.

"were are we going exactly?" The boys are in America?

"The studio. I want you to meet the boys." He says before his phone goes off. I Ignore the conversation and start to fall asleep in the car.


"Jewls.... baby girl... wake up... were here.." I hear Simon say. His accent is very heavy.

"Hmm" I say while opening my eyes to see Simon.

"Get up!" He whispers. I get up and get out of the car but not before grabbing a piece of mint gum.

"Shit!" He exclames looking at people running towards us.

"Get on my back." He says bending over. I obey and he lifts me up into a piggy back ride. I wrape my arms around him and hide my face in his shoulder. He stats full speed towards the doors and not stopping.

Some man opens the door and Simon stops running and just walks. I lift my face from his shoulder and look around. We get on an elevator and go to the 5th floor.

After we get off the elevator we walk down a long hallway.

"Why were the paparazzi after you?" I ask.

"Because word got out that I was adopting and then they saw you. Im sorry if you get hurt in the future." He tells me.

We walk into a room and there they stand.

"Boys this is Julianna, she's my daughter." He simply says.

They just  stair at me with twinkles in there eyes but then he catches my eye...


So how was that? Should I continue? Is it to long or not long enough?

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