Harry Styles. A name of trouble. Also a name of kindness. You can never figure him out. He'll love you and get you everything you ever wanted one day, and then hate you and beat you up the next day. I don't know why I'm still with him. I guess it's because i like how he is, even if i do get hurt sometimes. Harry Styles is a person who is absoulutely, 100% irresistible. But is that a bad thing?


2. chapter two


" Hi Harry! Oh my, you've grown up so much! Good to see you again!" my mom says happily as she sees Harry and hugs him to death. " Why are you here?" I ask. " A mother can't visit her daughter?" she replies, gaping at me. I roll my eyes and drag my mom into another room so we can speak privately. " Has he gotten better?" she says as soon as i close the door behind me. " Oh my gosh..." i moan. " Anne told me Harry was going to be attending your college this year, so i wanted to make sure he was safer to be around." we are speaking in harsh whispers. " Mom, do you see me hurt? No! So leave me alone!" she runs into the restroom and returns with a handful of makeup remover towels. before i can protest, she rubs them all over my face. A gasp escapes her lips. I look down, ashamed, and trying to hide my face. " You have them all over your body too, don't you?" I can only nod. She asks me to step out of my jeans and take my jacket off. I follow her commands and do so. Tears are falling freely down my face, as they are on my mom's face. " I'm sorry" i whisper and she runs out of the room. I hear the front door slam, and footsteps approach me. Harry sees me and his eyes become wide. My cuts had begun to bleed a lot just by the clothing rubbing against them and my bruises ached more than ever. "Take a bath and don't come out until I tell you to." Harry demands, as he pushes me into the bathroom and closes the door. I strip off the rest of my clothes and step into the cold water. The clear liquid starts to turn red, due to the mix of my blood. 'That's a lot of blood' is all I can think. Suddenly, my head begins to fall to my shoulder and I feel dizzy. I hear a loud thud then everything goes black.


**Harry's POV**

I sit against the wall beside the bathroom door and listen closely.  I hear her breathing, then suddenly a loud thud and a splash. Everything is silent. I begin to panic, and quickly open the door to find Isabelle underwater completely still like a statue. she seems almost, dead. I shake the awful thoughts out of my head and carry Isabelle out of the bathtub, quickly wrapping a towel around her body. How did she get all these cuts and bruises? I call an ambulance, and in just 2 minutes they arrive and there are nurses and doctors rushing Bell to the hospital. I drive to the hospital in my own car. She couldn't possibly self harm. No, somebody did this to her, and I'm going to find out who.


As I pace back and forth in her room, I hear a noise. I turn my head and stop to look at Bell. Her eyes begin to flutter open and i rush to her side and take her hand in mine. " Where am I?" she asks. " You're in the hospital, Bell. You must have lost so much blood that you passed out." she gives me a weird look, then slowly her eyes widen. She must be remembering the events of today. " Who hurt you?" I ask once I've gathered the courage to. She opens her mouth but closes it again and looks away. I take her chin in between my forefinger and thumb, forcing her to look at me. "Please, tell me." I beg. A tear escapes her eye and I wipe it away. She mumbles something inaudible so I ask her to repeat.  " A boy named Harry" what? " Another Harry? Not me, right? Of course it wasn't me, I would never hurt you." she says nothing in reply. " Isabelle, answer me. NOW!" I raise my voice at her. Fear covers her face and she points at me, poking me in the chest. " It was you" she barely whispers. I shake my head, not believing her words and back away exiting the room. Tears are now uncontrollably flowing down my face. I knew my problem was bad, but I thought I could control it.  I thought that i would be able to stop myself from hurting the ones i love. I storm out of the hospital and make my way towards my car. The engine roars to life and i drive away towards    Mr. Gray's office.


**Isabelle's POV**

He angrily exits the room and leaves me alone. Why did he have to ask? Why did my mom check up on me when she did? Why did Harry ever get sick? I didn't even know his disease existed until Harry told me that he had been born with it. Harry says that it didn't really take action until he turned 16. He told me that he has a problem where, mainly it takes place after noon, and he goes to someone,  anyone, and takes his unknown anger out on them. He doesn't have a mind or brain of his own at that time. It's like a monster takes control of his body.  Once, when I was speaking to Mr.Gray about the situation on how Harry was, he told me, ' Harry will beat random people to death, even if he has no hatred or anger inside of him.' I just don't understand why I have been his target for so long. But I'm tired of it. If only there was a cure. 


**Harry's POV**

" It seems that, you choose her as your target because you're mad that you never get to see her. You're mad that she never calls or texts you. But Harry, you need to understand that she is in college, she has a lot of homework to complete and she has to work to be able to pay the bills for her house. I've spoken to her, and she says that she wishes she had the time to contact you. but then you became angry and started attacking her, so then she avoided contacting you in the summer. Do you understand?" I shake my head no. He sighs. "Yes you do, Harry. You're just ..... conflicted at the moment." I shake my head no again, i can only stare back at him. "Harold, you are just shocked and confused." I am finally able to find words and say, " Can't you help me? Give me a pill, a cure! I just hate hurting random people and not remembering that i even went near them! IT'S NOT FAIR THAT I'M THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD WHO HAS A DEMON LIVING INSIDE THEM!!!!" I scream at him. " Hey, calm down. I'm sorry but there is no cure. I don't know how i can take the demon out of you You just need to learn how to control yourself and fight against the demon." Mr.Gray say, placing a hand on my shoulder. I brush it off and answer, "I can't learn! You're smart, create a cure! You're a pastor, help me!" I scream again and and drive away back home. I look into the mirror once i get home. My breathing becomes heavy and my voice becomes really low. I notice my eyes beginning to turn pitch black. No, I can't. No, she's in the hospital! Stop it Harry! But it's too late.

The demon has taken over.

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