Harry Styles. A name of trouble. Also a name of kindness. You can never figure him out. He'll love you and get you everything you ever wanted one day, and then hate you and beat you up the next day. I don't know why I'm still with him. I guess it's because i like how he is, even if i do get hurt sometimes. Harry Styles is a person who is absoulutely, 100% irresistible. But is that a bad thing?


6. chapter six


          I hurt her. She trusted me and I put her into the hospital.

     Its because you don't love her.

          "Shut up!" I yell at the demon inside me. YOU DONT LOVE HER. IF YOU DID YOU COULD STOPPED ME. YOU COULD HAVE SAVED HER. The demon hisses at me. "No, I do love her! How can I save her when you've got complete control of my body!" I yell. I get no answer this time, but only silence. I rub the sleep out of my eyes and start the car. I slowly drive back home, several cars honking at me and people yelling for me to go faster. I arrive back home and sit on my couch. I think back to what the demon said. "You don't love her. You don't, because if you did you could have stopped me. You could have saved her." I whisper to myself. I place both elbows on my knees and bite my lip. Do I love her? Harry! Don't think like that! Of course you do! Since you first met her, you've been infatuated with her. Or maybe I need to love her just a bit more?


               **Isabelle's POV**

                            I couldn't help but feel sorry for Harry. He was going absolutely insane. His disease was probably getting worse. He's never been like this before. Would he ever lie to me? No. I don't think so. Maybe he is telling the truth. I could never get the image of his eyes out of my head. His green ones, and the...... the demon looking ones. Demon looking! His eyes were a dark, pitch black, and a flare of fire was in the middle. Niall also told me that Harry's supposed disease doesn't exist. Oh god, he is telling the truth! I shouldn't have snapped at him! I should have believed him. There's no telling what he's going to do to himself now! I wonder if there is any way to get that demon to leave him alone? "Niall." I whisper to him. He looks over at me and leans in closer to hear me. "Do you think he could summon that demon out of him?" I ask. Niall's eyes widen and he laughs. "You humour me, Isabelle. You really think a demon is inside him? If he really loved you, he wouldn't say that. It's a lie. It isn't possible." Niall says. I roll my eyes but realize what he said. If he really loved you.




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