Harry Styles. A name of trouble. Also a name of kindness. You can never figure him out. He'll love you and get you everything you ever wanted one day, and then hate you and beat you up the next day. I don't know why I'm still with him. I guess it's because i like how he is, even if i do get hurt sometimes. Harry Styles is a person who is absoulutely, 100% irresistible. But is that a bad thing?


4. chapter four


     *Isabelle's POV*

             I open my eyes and am greeted by a blinding light. I blink a couple of times till I'm used to the light and see that I am back in my bed. A doctor enters my room and I sit up, pain immediately going through my entire body. I groan in pain. "You can not move too much. You have broken ribs, your cuts have gotten deeper somehow, the bruise on your jaw has gotten larger and darker. Due to the beating you received, you might not be able to get out of the hospital until months later." The doctor says, giving me a sorry smile. I nod my head, knowing that there is no way I can argue with him. "Do you know who...?" He asks, not knowing how to end his question. "I don't know. He blocked all light from entering the room, it was too dark to see." I answer. "It was a he?" I nod, "I only heard his voice when he said 'Hello'. " He nods and walks back out of the room. I pull my shirt up and press my stomach, screaming at the pain. A nurse peeks her head in, and rushes to my side. "Here is some medication that will hopefully help you with the pain. Also, we have to move you to another room." I nod and take the pill. I drink the glass of water in a matter of seconds. I didn't know that I was that thirsty. Two doctors come in and place me onto a gurney. They roll me to another room in a different hallway. They set me down on a bed. I look to my left and see a boy reading in his bed next to mine. There are about 5 beds total in this room. "Hi." the boy says, holding out his hand, putting down his book on the lamp desk. "Hi." I say shyly. I attempt to turn and shake his hand, but fail miserably, screaming once again at the pain in m y ribs, clutching my stomach. "To Kill A Mockingbird" I read from the title of the book once I've calmed down. "Yeah. It was the only thing that was around to keep me busy." I smile at him. I notice his Irish accent that is absolutely adorable. "I'm Isabelle."  "Niall."  "So, how did you end up here?" we both ask at the same time. I giggle before answering, "I was beaten. I got broken ribs, cuts, split lip, and bruises."  "Same reason for me too. Except I got a broken leg, not broken ribs." I nod and ask, "Who?" he understands and replies, "I don't know. I just know that he was tall. He had dark, curly hair, and his eyes.... They were the darkest black I'd ever seen. With a spot of red in the middle, like fire. His hands were large, so it was easy for him to beat me." I gasp at his description. It was Harry. But how? Why? "Who did it to you?" he asks me. I lean in closely and say, "Can you keep a secret?" he nods. "It was Harry Styles. Same man who beat you. He's my...." I whisper into his ear, not able to finish my sentence. His eyes are wide and he asks, "Your what?"  "My boyfriend." he looks at me angrily now, as if it's my fault that he's in the hospital right now. "He has a disease!" I explain.  "There is no such disease, and I know! I've studied a lot, and I know all the world's diseases, illnesses, etc. To beat people for no damn reason and for their eyes to become black.... That is not possible." he growls. I sit back in my bed. "But he told me..." I cry. "He's lying." Niall hisses back. "There's something else going on with him. It's not a disease, it's something else." I nod and wipe away the tears that managed to fall. He picks up his book and continues reading it. I decide to grab the phone on the lamp desk to my bed and dial Harry. I know he just beat the life out of me, but I love him, and it wasn't his fault. After three rings he finally picks up. "Hello?" he asks. "Harry!" there's a pause and then he replies, "Bell?"  "Yes! I'm so glad you picked up. We need to talk." I can feel a pair of eyes on me and I look to my side. It's just Niall staring. I'm okay if he listens in on my conversation. It's his business, also. "Hey! Why don't I just come over to you?" Harry asks. "Yea! But, Harry... I'm in a different room, so you'll have to ask the front desk for me."  "Right. Okay I'll see you later." he hangs up and I take deep breaths.

                             I just hope he doesn't lose it while he's visiting me.

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