Harry Styles. A name of trouble. Also a name of kindness. You can never figure him out. He'll love you and get you everything you ever wanted one day, and then hate you and beat you up the next day. I don't know why I'm still with him. I guess it's because i like how he is, even if i do get hurt sometimes. Harry Styles is a person who is absoulutely, 100% irresistible. But is that a bad thing?


5. chapter five


   Harry's POV

        I make a U-turn and arrive at the hospital. I ask the lady at the front desk for Bell's room number. I walk away quickly to her new room. I'm surprised when I see five other beds in their with people. The blonde boy in the bed next to Isabelle's bed is staring at me as if he wants to kill me. I shake it off and sit in the chair beside Bell's bed. "Harry!" she smiles. "Hey Bell! How are you?" She looks down. That's when I notice the bruise on her jaw has gotten larger and darker. "Isabelle, who hurt you even more?" she looks into my eyes. And by the look in her eyes, I know it was me. I break down in front of her; not caring if everyone is staring. I cry into the crook of her neck and she has one hand in my curls and the other is rubbing small circles into my back. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. I didn't want to..." She caresses my cheek with one hand and speaks, "Its okay Harry." I shake my head and ask, "How bad?"   "Broken ribs. A lot of blood loss. Cuts got deeper. Bruise got worse."  "I'm so sorry, he just took over I didn't even remember that I had gone back to the hospital. I love you, Isabelle. I would never do that to you." I look up to see that the blonde boy is still staring at me. "What are you looking at!?" I yell at him. "Shh. Harry, he's my friend, Niall. You're the reason he's in here too."  "But I've never seen him before in my life. I don't even know him." I stutter. "It's okay Harry. But are you telling me the whole truth?" I realize that she's referring to my ''disease''. I shake my head no. "Then tell me the truth." She orders. "He-he takes over and- and he takes my memory away from the day, and I just can't stop him. He's a demon..." I try to explain. "Who is he?" she asks confused. "A demon! He's a demon!"  "Now you're just telling more lies, Harry."  "No! He is a demon! I'm possessed, Isabelle! There's a demon inside me." I begin to cry again. I run out of the hospital and jump back into my car. I couldn't believe I had hurt her again. I hurt her. I hurt her. Those three words kept repeating in my mind and slowly, I fell into a deep sleep once again.



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