Don't Be Afraid

Anna Jacobs and Saige Mitchel are best friends let alone competitive dancers. They have been dancing since they were 2 years old.
After one dance competition that they traveled to the UK for and won the whole competition, a manager for some huge band wants them to be their choreographer. Taking the job, and finding out the band is the same age as them...
Now having to travel on tour with the band One Direction, the girls get attached to the boys. But the manager clearly stated they may not have any relationships with the boys, they are only there for the job.
While messing around in rehearsals Liam and Niall get caught with Anna and Saige.. So Anna and Saige are fired. But the boys don't want to give up.
Making mistakes and taking chances the girls fight to keep their job, but will everything turn for the worst?
Let the dancing begin.


3. Young but so wise

Saige's POV:

Anna was edgy about everything.. She stutter to move closer to the man who offered us a career. We have a chance for our dancing to be seen all around the world.

But of someone else dancing it.

Wow... Now I know were Anna was coming from.

 My stomach began to drop as we walked closer to the mysterious man. I shortened my steps and slowed down, now I'm questioning my decision.

'Saige? .. Together.' Anna's gentle hands grew tighter on mine.
'Together..' I cautionly whispered.

I stopped before we could reach the man and turned and look into Anna's eyes.

'Anna, I don't want to pressure you into doing this. I want your honest opinion on this, do you want to do this.' I looked into her deep dark brown eyes.
'I didn't want to at first, but just think Saige this would be an experience that would probably never happen to us again. We need to take this chance, and if it isn't for us, we stop and still continue on with dancing. This won't effect us either way.' She gave a small but gentle smirk.
'Your still young, but so wise. I love you Anna, come on.' I pulled Anna into a hug and we took off.

Finally we reached the man.
'Excuse me, Sir?' I said to the man who was on the phone at the moment.
'Yes, have you two young ladies made up your minds about this?' He said pulling off his sunglasses.
'I believe we have, we'll take this opportunity.' I looked at Anna to reinsure it was alright.
'Wonderful, now I'd pack your bags tonight. We leave for tour in a week, and you need to have down time with the boys and practice.' He was excited as he reached for his phone.
'Boys? Oh so this is a boyband?' Anna seemed really curious.
'Infact it is, & all of the boys are around your age. But I need you to sign a contact stating you won't have any relationships with any of the boys, you are there to be their choreographers not their girlfriends. Understandable?' He gave us a smirk and handed us the contract.

& with that piece of paper our new career as choreographers will begin.

'Here you go Sir, and thank you.' Anna handed him the contract and smiled.
'No, thank you.' He gripped the contract and put it back in his pocket.
'Oh, and we never did get your name.' Anna said with a confused looked.
'My name is Paul.' & Paul stuck out his hand for a shake.

So we shook his hand and fully introduced ourselves.

'Paul, who is the band we are choreographing?' I raised my hand before he completley turned away.
'Ohh yes, that would come in handy now would it?' He gave a chuckle to us.
'Yes, it'd be nice to know.' I gave a fake smile.
'The band is One Direction.'

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