Don't Be Afraid

Anna Jacobs and Saige Mitchel are best friends let alone competitive dancers. They have been dancing since they were 2 years old.
After one dance competition that they traveled to the UK for and won the whole competition, a manager for some huge band wants them to be their choreographer. Taking the job, and finding out the band is the same age as them...
Now having to travel on tour with the band One Direction, the girls get attached to the boys. But the manager clearly stated they may not have any relationships with the boys, they are only there for the job.
While messing around in rehearsals Liam and Niall get caught with Anna and Saige.. So Anna and Saige are fired. But the boys don't want to give up.
Making mistakes and taking chances the girls fight to keep their job, but will everything turn for the worst?
Let the dancing begin.


4. Stalking is a strong word.

Anna's POV:

'One Direction?' I gave Saige a face and looked at Paul.
'You've heard of them haven't you? They're very popular.' Paul gave an confused look.
'We've heard of them, but never listened to their music or anything..' Saige blurted out before I could say anything.
'Well, I recommend you listen to their songs. Since you will be choreographing it..' He put on his sunglasses and casually walked away.


'You know Saige their songs are that bad..' I whipped my head around to see her reaction.
'I don't know, they're just that typical boyband. You know, they make songs about a girl and about falling in love. I mean boybands don't last forever An, this is just an experience for us.' Saige was throwing clothes into a suitcase.
'I think you could be wrong Saige, everyone is different.' I fluttered my eyes and gave her an unintentional glare.
'Ohh Anna, I think you need a little break from stalking them.. You catching.. Ummm what do they call it.. Oh! You catching that One Direction infection? Huh?' She swipped a pillow at me and began to make kissy faces towards me.
'Stalking is such a strong word, I prefer intense research of an idividual, or in this case indivduals' I gave a small smirk and a wink towards Saige.
'Okay enough research! Start packing your bags, we leave tomorrow to start with the boys' Saige then again threw a pillow in my direction.
'Okay, goodnight Saigie Poo!!!' I blew a kiss and layed down.
'Goodnight Anna Boo!!' She caught my kiss in her hand and put it in her pocket.

She then turned off the light and went to sleep.

I would try to clear my mind to fall asleep, but at the moment all I can think about are the boys. I haven't even met them yet and I'm so thrilled to start dancing with them. I know where Saige is coming from, but I did do some research on them. & I can tell you they aren't bad looking.

I caught myself smiling when I started thinking of them, am I already star struck over them? This couldn't be happening. Maybe Saige is right, I might have One Direction infection.

My god does Saige snore loud! I can barely think with that going on!

I wonder how Saige really feels about the band. I know what she said isn't true, she hides everything.

I just happened to look over and see my phone lighting up on the night stand. I only recognized Paul's number, but the other five I didn't.

I clicked on one one at a time.

Oh my god....

It's the boys.

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