Don't Be Afraid

Anna Jacobs and Saige Mitchel are best friends let alone competitive dancers. They have been dancing since they were 2 years old.
After one dance competition that they traveled to the UK for and won the whole competition, a manager for some huge band wants them to be their choreographer. Taking the job, and finding out the band is the same age as them...
Now having to travel on tour with the band One Direction, the girls get attached to the boys. But the manager clearly stated they may not have any relationships with the boys, they are only there for the job.
While messing around in rehearsals Liam and Niall get caught with Anna and Saige.. So Anna and Saige are fired. But the boys don't want to give up.
Making mistakes and taking chances the girls fight to keep their job, but will everything turn for the worst?
Let the dancing begin.


2. Something I Love.

Anna's POV:

My head is faced towards the ground. My heart is beating as fast as it possibly can, I raise my head up and I'm blinded by the lights. This is my life and I do it with my best friend. I slightly glance over and look at Saige before the music starts.

The music started and now it was only Saige and I in the entire arena.

We don't just come to win, we come to dance. To leave an impression on what we live to do.


'Brillant, that was brillant ladies..' There was a clapping from a distance.
'Sorry, but we don't do autographs..' Saige put a little sass in her voice.
'Oh no, I don't want an autograph, I want something more than that..' His voice insured he was grinning.
'I'm sorry, but can you repeat that?' I acted like I was unsure of what he said, but I knew exactly what he said.
'I help manage a band, and I'm looking for new choreographers... And you two girls... Unique, passionate, very much breath taking. Your young, fresh. You already travel around for competitions, would you be willing to go on tours, your dancing seen by millions?' He slightly intertwined his fingers, waiting for a response.
'I'm sorry, Sir, but we need to go on stage to receive our awards.' Saige gripped me by the arm and pulled me away from this strange man.


'& for the duo entree, and two solo entrees with first place are Anna Jacobs and Saige Mitchel!' The crowd was screaming and clapping.

This is amazing, being rewarded for doing something I love. To cherish every moment I dance and hoping that I inspire others.

After Saige and I exited the stage she yanked me off to the side.

'Anna, okay, this will be an amazing opportinity for us if we say yes to that man. I know your probably having second thoughts on it, but we need to say yes, do you understand?'

I blanked out and looked towards the stage, would this be the last I dance in a competition for myself? Having someone else take credit for my work instead of competitons?

My dancing?

My passion?

My life?

'Anna?' The voice was blurred.
'Saige, but are you willing to give up the competitions, having someone else take credit for YOUR work, your dancing? Cause I don't think I can, but I won't let you do this on your own...' I starred at the ground, being fate about my judgement.
'Were in this together, if you don't go, I don't go.' Her hand reached for mine and we caught eyes.


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