Twins....With Benifits

A group of guys are normal average teenagers who have been lately recognized as Onedirection. None of them know who they are or why people call them this name. They know there is a boy band comming to there school in a few days but little do they know it's the One direction band that has been causing them trouble through out their Junior and Sophmore year. The ten boys meet eachother and have Little situations during their friends ship. Mabey even a relationship.


10. What are you doing?

Zain Pov

In the corner of the library right here before my very eyes was Liall and Harry having a full fledge fist fight behind the sci-fi section of books and Zayn and I just happened to walk in at the right time because Harry was about to do a round house kick to Liall's face.

Zayn grabbed Harry and I got Liall by the arms holding him back.

"Stay the hell away from Lois!" Harry spat jerking away in Zayn's arms.

"Did you forget something mate? Maybe the fact that I'm his best friends!?!" Liall shouted back.

"You guys. Calm it down. We are in the library ya know." I say to Liall and Harry while Zayn helps me drag them to the hallway and out the side of the school doors. We release the both of them, tossing them apart from eachother so that maybe we can get an explanation from the two.

"Explain." Zayn and I say at the same time. I found it quite weird that we spoke at the same time so I decided to slide away from Zayn so we don't look completely like the same person.

"There nothing to explain. Harry was being an arse and that's all." Liall says, crossing his arms.

"If anything you're the arse here Liall. You knew I liked Lois. Yet you still flirt with him." Harry says.

"Oh go fap yourself HARRY. Telling someone hello and giving them a fist bump isn't flirting. You're just so freaking jealous that you can't see he likes you too!" Liall shouts at Harry.

Harry's stance goes rigid and you can tell he's received the best information of his life.

"He does?" Harry whispers.

"Yeah. You dipshit. That what I wanted to say before you tried to karate chop my face off." Liall mumbled.

"He does." Harry whispers again.

"I think that's just what he said mate." I hear Zayn say from beside me. The bell rings to release for the last period of the day and Harry take off running into the school. Probably to find Lois. Liall starts walking towards us and stands next to me with an agitated expression.

"He's so stupid." Liall says walking toward the school.

I drape my arm over his shoulder while saying"Love makes you do stupid things." And we walk into the school to sit in the hall for 15 minutes until last period.

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