Twins....With Benifits

A group of guys are normal average teenagers who have been lately recognized as Onedirection. None of them know who they are or why people call them this name. They know there is a boy band comming to there school in a few days but little do they know it's the One direction band that has been causing them trouble through out their Junior and Sophmore year. The ten boys meet eachother and have Little situations during their friends ship. Mabey even a relationship.


1. The Arrival

Haze is walking down the hallway toward his locker to meet Lois. "Hay Harry" a girl says while passing Haze in the hallway.

"My name is Haze not Harry" Haze shouts back and continues to his locker. When he gets there Lois is leaning on the wall next to the locker pulling on his suspenders.

"Hay Lois" Haze says and put his books in his locker.

"Did that girl just call you Harry" Lois says pointing to the red hed in blue washed jeans.

"Yep, for the 37th time this year." Haze slams his locker closed and does a frustrating sigh.

"I feel sorry for you" Lois says and stands up straight off the wall.

"Oh like you don't know my pain....Louis" Haze says and begins smilling. Lois flicks him in the head and crosses his arms.

"Shut up. My name is Lois. L-O-I-S." Haze and Lois start walking down the hallway looking for Lane and Liall.

"Hay Larry Stylison how ya been" Tracey Banes says as she walks toward Lois and Haze with envelopes in her hand. Haze turns around and stars banging his head on the blue locker behind him. Making his curls flop when he leans his head back.

"UUh hay Tracey" Lois says looking at Tracey but still paying attention to the annoyed Haze behind him.

"What's wrong with your friend there"? she asks while pointing to haze who is still banging his head on the locker. Right in front of the student body president.

" Nothing. Umm did you want something"? Lois says stepping in front of Haze.

"Yeah to invite you to my party next saturday." Tracey says trying to see behind Lois to Haze. She hands the invatations to Lois and cathches a glimpse of Haze now sliding down the lockers.

"You know I have someone who can help him" Tracey says pointing behind Lois.

"He's okay just crazy sometimes. But uh... we're gonna go now but thanks for the invite"Lois grabs Haze's arm and drags him along the hallway.

"Get off the floor you idiot" Lois says and Haze stand up straight. A few people in the hallway were staring.

"What was that. You just totally spazed out in front of the student body president. Like, she thought you needed help."Haze and Lois see Lane and Liall by the water fountain.

"I just wish people would say our name not some random name they got off the internet of something." Haze says and stands next to the waterfountain Liall is drinking from.

"They had to have gotten it somewhere else for the entire girl population in this town to know it." Lane says.

"Yeah I mean who could get that famous in a day" Liall says.

"I don't know or care. I just want it to stop" Haze says and walks down the hallway.

"Hay where's Zain" Lane asks. As if on que they see Zain walking fast down the hallway. Like he's being chased or something.

"Hay guys let's go this way" Zain says  dragging Liall and Lois with him. Haze and Lane just follows him and see's he's heading for the court yard. Once they're outside he sits them down at a table while proping his fist up to hold his head.

"So how have you been" Zain says obviously trying quickliy to start a conversation.

"Zain what did you do"? Lane says knowing Zain as the trouble maker of the group.

"Don't use the restroom for the rest of the day and if principle Lanks ask I was with you during 5th hour". Zain says and we all know he destructed the restroom toilets.

"Greeaaattt. Another toilet mystery". Lane says and Liall kinda laughs. A few seconds later and annoucnment is being made on the intercom.


"OH AND BY THE WAY ZAIN MELEK WE GOT YOU ON CAMERA" The vice princple anounces and the the voice clicks off.

"OoOOOOhhh" Haze says and he pats Zain on the back. Zain drops his head to the table and fake sobs into the concrete.

"Mabey next time buddy" Lane says and gets up to walk to the audotorium. Everyone begins waking across the football feild to the audotorium, much more the size of a theatre.


Once everyone is seated the priciple Mr.Lanks walks up to the mic and starts talking.

"Everyone, I know you have heard about the Five new male stedents who will be attending St.Manabelts Highschool. I would like for you all to give them a warm welcome and behave your self as best as you can for our new fellow classmates".

"They chose the wrong school then" Zain mutters under his breathe, But a few people around him herad his comment and began snickering.

"Mr.Melek would you like to say a few words"? Mr.Lank says looking at him out of 5,000 students.

"I'M GOOD , BUT VAS HAPPENIN WITH YOU MR.LANKS. I SEE THE WORK OUT DID JUST FINE"Zain says and the theatre erupts with laughter.

"I'll deal with you later, but back to what I was saying. I would like to introduce our new students as Zayn Malik, Harry styles, Louis Tomilison,Niall Horan and Liam Payne." One by one each guy appears on stage and everyone gasps.

"Holy shit" Haze says and stares up at the boy with curly hair. Exactly like his. All the students in the room begin gossiping and Mr.Lanks shushes them.

"Quiet. I know you're all excited to have One Directon here at your school but please keep It Simple. We don't need and more trouble this year. Thank you and have a good day also Zain melek-FRONT office NOW."


Author's note

Soooooo Do you like it or what. Comment please.

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