Twins....With Benifits

A group of guys are normal average teenagers who have been lately recognized as Onedirection. None of them know who they are or why people call them this name. They know there is a boy band comming to there school in a few days but little do they know it's the One direction band that has been causing them trouble through out their Junior and Sophmore year. The ten boys meet eachother and have Little situations during their friends ship. Mabey even a relationship.


9. Surprise!

I Don't know why I put that picture up there. I just felt like it. It soposed to make people happy I guess....  :)

Lane POV

The boys lead me downstairs to the livingroom and I can faintly see a figure standing near the door.

"L-Liam"I say and take a step back for defense purposes.

"Lane he's not going to harm you in any way"Zayn says.

I won't believe nothing they say until I see it. What makes them think i'll just trust him right of the back.

"This is a fucked up surprise"I think out loud.

"I'm sorry Lane that we got off on the wrong foot but I would like to fix it. I don't know why I kept bullying you, it was quite unlike me and I,Myslef, were surprised by these actions. Could you please forgive me, I really am a god guy."Liam spoke and Lane couldn't help but to forgive him. It's like it was impossible to say no.

"Alright i'll give you one more chance, but that's all you get."Liam's face immediatelly lights up and a smile works its way to his face,

"Thanks,and I really am sorry."Liam says once more.

"This calls for a CELEBRATION"!! Louis yells making us all wince in pain.

"Ooooowww".Harry says holding his ears."But I do agree. Time to play or something".Harry agrees with Louis, but I do not.

"NopenopenopenopeNOPE. I have had enough for one day. You guys can play but I won't. Good Night" I turn and run upstairs,shutting my bedroom door behind me.

'Nap Time'. I say quietly and drift of into a dreamless sleep.

******8 Days later*****

Liam POV

"Would you like to go with me to a party"? Me and Lane have been building a new relationship it hasn't been too bad over the past few days but he's still a little distant when we talk.

" i'm not the party type".Lane Replies and I chuckle.Why is he so shy? It's not like i'm gonna kill him.

"You should let go Lane. It's about time that you have some fun and stop being afraid".I stop infront of our English class and turn my body to Lane."You're stiff and maybe you should loosen up a bit, it's good for the soul".

Lane cracks a small smile and says something I never thought I would hear."Let's Party"!

Zayn POV

"Where are the lads"? I ask Zain as we walk to the gym.

"Liam is with Lane in English-"But before he can finish his sentence I interupt him.

"Liam Payne...Is with Lane"?

"Yeah, Liam's been trying to fix things with Lane, because they really got off to a bad start."Zain Responded.

"Yeah and to be honest I never knew Liam to do such things to a person. He's the most innocent out of the band,if so, the nicest."I say to Zain. Liam wouldn't hurt a fly and if he did he'd make a little grave in a flower pot and put a sign up saying 'I'm Sorry'. Something must of happened to him. Nothing would posses him to act in any way to hurt anyone.I'll tlak to him about it later.

"I'm just happy they're fixing things"Zain says while strolling into the library and me trolling behind him.

When we walk in we notice a book shelf moving in the back corner and a a figures moving behind it. Me and Zain,having the twin telepathy, walk over to the shelf and behind we find the most shocking scene in our lives,well, in mine atleast.

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