Twins....With Benifits

A group of guys are normal average teenagers who have been lately recognized as Onedirection. None of them know who they are or why people call them this name. They know there is a boy band comming to there school in a few days but little do they know it's the One direction band that has been causing them trouble through out their Junior and Sophmore year. The ten boys meet eachother and have Little situations during their friends ship. Mabey even a relationship.


3. Incounter pt.2

sorry about the small chapter but I only had like and 1 Hour.

Btw here i everyones twin

Liam is to Lane

As Harry is to Haze

Then to Niall who goes with Liall

And Zain is to Zayn

As Louis is to Lois


Lane POV

Why do people keep calling me Liam? The only Liam here is that Directioner fellow but I couldn't see his face.

"Hay Liam have you seen Zayn" Liall asks me.

"Don't call me Liam, it's anoying"I say and continue walking to Algebra I.

"Your name is Liam right"? Liall ask me with a serious face.

"No. It's Lane.You would know that Liall you're my best friend"I say stoping in my tracks. When I focus Liall face I see his eyes are green not blue.

"I'm not Liall. I'm Niall". He says and I think he's looking at my hair.

"What"I ask and he Is still looking at my hair.

"Your hair was in a ruffled quiff when we left the house now its like you grew it all back"He says. Just the I notice another blonde in the distance and he look alot like Liall. he wal over to me.

"Hay Lane, who you got here"? He asks and turns around to the other him.

"Umm Liall Meet Liall, your twin" I say akwardly clutching my books to my chest.

"Woah"They say in unison and stare at eachother.

"I'm guessing this solve the confusion about the names"I say.

"Yeah,No chiz"Liall says and I see his clear braces. The bell rings and I notice I'm gonna be late to class.

"We're talking about this later"I say to the both of them and i race off the Algebra I.


Liam POV

"Niall stop calling me.I'm going to class now."I say into my phone. What's so important.


"Okay Niall Bye"I end the call and rush off to Algebra I. Man I hope i'm not late.

When I get to class I am sadly late. Not a good first empresion.

"5 minutes of detention for being late to-"The teacher looks up at me mid sentence and pushes her hair behind her ear.

"Sooo sorry i'm late but I'm new and I got lost. My apologies."I say and hold my binder near my side.

"No issue Mr.Payne, be a late as you want. Umm you can sit next to Mr.Orayne. Mr.Orayne raise your hand please"The teacher says and a boy not looking from his notes and raises his hand. I go sit next to him and set my binder on the table. Every eye in the room followed me to my seat. Great.(sarcasm there). After I get there everyone returns to their work and the teacher writes an equation on the board.

"Hi I'm Liam"I say to the boy next to me and his eyes flicker to me. Holy chiz box. He looks exactly like me. The only diffrence is his hair. It's more curly and full.

"You l-l-look l-like me"He studders and I chuckle at his nervousness.

"Yes I do and you look like me"I smile at him and he kinda ducks down. I wonder why he's so affraid.

"What's wrong" I ask and he just shakes his head full of light curls.

"N-nothing" he says and put his head down.

Well this surprising


Lane POV

"Zain don't dive onto the table"I'm heading to the court yard outside with my tray in my hand. I swear Zain is like a gigantic energetic kid.

"WEEEE". He yells and jumps into his seat.

"Wow"I says and drop my tray onto the table. I sit down and Zain spins around twice and then stops to look at me.

"Guess what".He says stealing a grape from my tray.

"Really Zain. Go get your own." I say swating away his hand.

"Naaaa. I owe the lunch lady money. AAAANNYYWAAAY guess what I just saw". I just tare at him with an expressionless face.

"I'm not gessing". He steals another grape and I smack him with my binder.

"Stooooop". Freaking idiot.

"I HAVE A TWIN THAT'S FAMOUS" He shouts and I stare at him in disbelief.

"No"I simply say and then I pick up my hot dog.

"What it's true. And I know you met Liam today so don't think i'm crazy". Another grape down.

"Oh you mean that scary intimidating large boy who looks exactly like me. Yeah I met him but I didn't know he was famous. I couldn't see everyone from that Infection band"I say and look down at my grapeless tray.

"I hate you with passion". I state to Zain and he only smiles with a mouth full of grapes.At first he was looking at me and then he's staring right behind me. I turn around and see Lois, or so i think. The very happy boy skips over to us and plops down on a seperate concrete bench. His tray full of delicious grapes. DAMN YOU ZAIN.

"Are you Zayn and Liam or Lane and Zain" He ask while poping a grape into his mouth. Zain raises and eyebrow with an *I told you so face*.

"You're a true dipshit, you know that" I say to Zain and he gulps down his grape.

"Thank you" he says and turns to the boy.

"Um i'm Zain with an "i" and he's Lane. Who are you?" Wow you're so polite Zain.

"I'm Louis, Lois's twin and Harry's boyfriend" he says happily and i cholk on my spit.

"You're gay". Zayn says as more of a statement than a question.

"No, it's more of a bromance" he says and looks down to see Zain sliding away his grapes. I reach over Louis to Zain and grab his ear.I pull him to the line of people waiting in lunch. Hearing his cries of "ow" I grabe two bowls of grapes and pass up to the lunch lady.

"Let me have the grapes"I say to her.

"No. You gotta pay" She says and pops her gum. My grip tightens on Zain's ear and I shout.

"GIVE ME THE DAMN GRAPE"!! .The lunch lady stagers back and whispers yes. I drag Zain back to his seat and place a bowl of grapes in front of him and Louis.

"You're meaner then Liam" He says and holds this sassy like face. Kinda funny.

"Yeah but smaller and he's afraid of Liam" Zain says holding up two bowls of grapes. I just wanna snap his neck. Just then 7 people come and sit at the table. There's two of everyone. Guess who sits next to me.Ding Ding Ding.... Liam.

Oh god I'm gonna hyperventlate. He's so huge and muscly. His eyes are brighter than mine and i'm about to pee myself. Zain and Louis notice my rection and they smile. Bitches. Can't you see i'm at war.

"Well Hello since I don't know who's who, I'm just gonna look around and hope i'm talking to the right person." One of the Harry's says.

"Haze"? Zain asks and the other Harry dops his head and begins banging it on the table.

"Nope . The retard is Haze" Lois says and I can tell It's him because his suspenders are blue.I kinda laugh and Liam turns to look at me. Oh on please don't.

"I'm. Not. Harry. By the way, Harry I hate you". Haze says and Harry turns to look at him with a sad face , but we can all tell there's a grin tugging at the corner of his mouth. Haze lift his head and stares at Harry's face.

"Is that what I look like when i'm trying not to smile"Haze asks turning his head sideways.

"Pretty much"Liall says with a spoon in his mouth.

"I look Hot" Haze says and again I begin cholking on my spit.

"Retard"Lois and Zayn corus.

"I'm guessing everyone likes their twin except for Haze who think his is shitty but yet hot" Liall states.

"Nope. One of us is affraid of our twin"Zain states and I twitched trying to keep myself from killing him.

"Really who is that"? Liam ask with concern and I throw a carrot at Zain. The other Zayn begins laughing and I cower back into my ball next to Liam.

"What in the carrot was that for"?Zain ask and i shoot him daggers from under my arm.

"OOOOOOOH OK" he says loudly and I punch him from across the table.

"Really" I ask sitting up frustrated now. Liams eyes grow big and he places his hand on my back. I can feel it through my grey hoodie.

"I think you should calm down and if you would just tell people your problems yo won't have to abuse them."Liam says but I'm frozen. Staring straight ahead. Paralized to the core. I can't move. "Lane"?someone calls me but I don't register their voice.

"UUMM dude"Liam drops his hand and completely I unfreeze and I look up to see Harry talking to me.

"Yeah"I say comming out of my daze like nothing happened. Louis and Zain are snickering seeing the effect Liam has on me. I guess Liam noticed too because he was grinning like an idiot. The bell rings and I happily scramble up from my seat. I was the first on to stand. I leave my tray at the table and grab my binder. Holy shit i'm in trouble.



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