Twins....With Benifits

A group of guys are normal average teenagers who have been lately recognized as Onedirection. None of them know who they are or why people call them this name. They know there is a boy band comming to there school in a few days but little do they know it's the One direction band that has been causing them trouble through out their Junior and Sophmore year. The ten boys meet eachother and have Little situations during their friends ship. Mabey even a relationship.


5. I'm Dead

Zain POV

I look down at my shirt where Lane was grabbing me and see it's balled up. He is so going to kill me but I had no choice. I could've taken him myself because he is pretty light but it's his twin. Just because his is larger than you doesn't mean you instantly should be scared of him. Lane has stood up to larger people then Liam but,I guess Liam is special.

Louis POV

Hahahahaha that was hilarious. Little Lane just kept whimpering. I know this makes me sound like a douche bag but COME ON! What is there to be affraid of. Liam is one of the nicest people on earth. Right next to my Hazza Bear. He'd never hurt a fly. So why would he hurt Lane. I know what I should do and it involves Lane being at Liams house this friday.

Lane POV
Why is it so dark an why do I feel like i'm floating. I'm pretty sure i'm not walking. But someone is and I can feel every foot step. Am I being carried?

Great. I wonder if I passed out in gym again. That would be crap.Wait.I never made it to gym. I was at LUNCH.NOOOO!!! My precious fries.

Liam POV

He's cuddling to my chest like i'm a pillow. But then again he did pass out. Why is he so affraid of me. If it's because i'm taller that makes no sence. Lane doesn't seem like a lad that's easily intmidated.

His hair looks like how mine used to. Full blown curly. He's so small though. Posibaly he's 5'6 and he's not exactly a large fellow either. He's has muscles they're just formed to his height. Small but they're there. He's wearing dark blue Vanz and I know I could never wear those. It's not me. We may look alike but we're surely opposite. He has a temper and i'm just calm. I wish he didn't ball up when I came near him. And freeze when I touch him or fall out. He's like a crazy fan but he's the one running. But from what though.

I make it to the nurses office and when I open the door the nurse perks up like she's been here all her life and she hates the world. I guess I made her day. She smiles at me but it's more like a hungry smile. Oh god please don't try to rape me. We have enough of this unprofessional work in Algebra .

"Hello there Mr.Payne who do yo have here"? She asks motioning to the boy in my arms. But not looking at him completely.

"This is Lane Orayne. He had a stomach ache and then he passed out on the way here". More like dropped dead when I picked him up.

"Oh well lay him on the bed and I'll get him some water and a warm wet towel. Do you want anything, Juice,sandwich,"She asked and I'm pretty sure she mumbled "ME" at the end of her list. Oh thats gross. I feel Lane move and I look down to see him smiling. Oh wow. I bet he can hear us but just can't wake up.

"No i'm okay"I say and sit on the bed with Lane's head on my lap. He rolls over onto  his stomach and turns his head to the right.

"He's just an adorable little thing,isn't he"? the nurse asks comming back with a warm towel.

"Yes he is".I say looking down at my lap. I was looking at his hair and before I knew what I was doing I began running my hands through his hair. He turned over on his back his face aline with mine and he starts opening his eyes.

Lane POV

I know i'm in the nurses office because I hear her flirting with whoever is holding me. I think i'm laying down now and I feel someone touching my hair. I turn over with out knowing it and lightly open my eyes. LIAM!! my eyes grow big and I frezze. I'm on his lap. I just know it. But why is he smiling and still touching my hair. We had the same hair some time during our lives and you should've took the chance to touch it. Get away.

"Well I guess you're awake". The nurse says. She hands me crackers and I grab them my hand shaking.

"Nervous, are we"Liam asks and I stare at him like a lost puppy.

This son of a bitch is the reason i'm here. The reason I can't move my legs or speak. You know i'm nervous!!! YOU CAUSED IT! My mind registers weight on my hair. It leaves and comes back. I look up to see Liam stroking my hair and then me eyes flicker somewhere else. he does it again and I whimper lightly.What's with me and all this whimpering lately. I feel like a preteen on her period. Liam chuckles at this and close my eyes tight for about 3 seconds. I lift off of Liam and sit up.

"You feel any better" The Nurse ask. I shake my head rapidly making my curls flop. I know Liam is smiling at me because the nurse looks beside me with lust in her eyes. I quietly crack a laugh with a grin on my face looking down. Looks like you have an admirer.

"I'll be back. Just wait while I fill out your papers"She says and turns away.

"You were enjoying that weren't you"? Liam asks and I grin but my head is still down.

"Just watching you burn that's all" I mumble but I don't think he can hear me.

"Oh really. Well let's see if i can take you with me". Yep he heard me.

"Mabey the nurse would be happy to give you a sponge bath". Liam says and my head shoots up to look at him.

"You wouldn't". I say with venom

"Me and you both know I would". The taller boy says crossing his arms. Just then Zain  walks into the nurses office and I race over to him and engross him with a hug. Almost knocking him over i'm sure of it.

"Well hello to you too" Zain says wrapping his arms around my torso.

"That animal". I say into his neck and he chuckles. I release him and I go to Nurse Karen.

"Nurse Karen, I feel better now and thanks for the craker bye". In a rush I walk to the door and see Liam there with Zain. I bypass Liam and grab Zain's arm.

"Leggo"I say and pull him out the room.

'Was it really that bad"He asks. When we're walking down the hallway.

"I was on his lap". I say and Zain looks like he's stuggling not to laugh. I punch him and he drops the laugh.

"Ow". he cries and someone comes up beside me.

"You sure seemed comfortable when I was carrying you though"Liam says and I bolt. I take off running for the exit and when I make it to the outside i don't stop running. I rum all the way home.

________6th hour___

Harry POV

This is the hour where everyone has class together. By everyone I mean Louis(He's my Boo)Lane,Liall,Zayn,Liam,Niall(the garbage disposal of food) Lois and Haze.

I doesn't make any sense to put us all in one class and then add 10 other random students beccause it doesn't change the fact that you can't tell who is who. Just mixing us around in class doesn't help.Maybe if we were in diffrent class period Haze wouldn't be Harry to the whole school. But that's not the source.

I'm seated in between Zayn and Louis which puts Zayn in the corner. Next to Louis is Lois and then Niall.That's one row. In front of us is Liall in front of Zayn,Zain in front of me,Haze in front of Lois and Liam in front of Niall and am empty seat before Louis.

"Has anyone seen Lane"?I say to the few people around me. Zan picks up his pencil and tilts it towrds the door. Lane rushs through it like he just ran a marathon.He plops down in his seat and drops his head to his desk.

"Ahhh Mr.Orayne. Nice of you to grace us with your presence". The teacher say and Lane doesn't look up. He's been acting strange lately and I want to know what's up.


AN: This part one. Comment and be of patience.

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