Twins....With Benifits

A group of guys are normal average teenagers who have been lately recognized as Onedirection. None of them know who they are or why people call them this name. They know there is a boy band comming to there school in a few days but little do they know it's the One direction band that has been causing them trouble through out their Junior and Sophmore year. The ten boys meet eachother and have Little situations during their friends ship. Mabey even a relationship.



Lane POV

I'm on my way to the principles office because if i'm here with Liam another minute I might Barf. He discust me with how horrible he could be to me and then act as if he was the victim. I punched him out of annoyance and it wasn't antentional but it's just what happend. I wouldn't take it back. Maybe he'll stop bullying me.

I open the door to the front office not bothering to check in at the front desk. I Make a right just around the corner and push the principles door open.

"Can I go home"? I ask stuffing my hand in my hoodie jacket. Mr. Lanks stops talking to whoever is sitting there and turns to me.

"Sit". He commands and I huff out air but plant myself in a corner seat. I put my feet on a table near by and pull my hood over my head. Mr.Lanks clears his throat. I gaze over to him and he's looking at my stance.

"Hello". Attitude apearent in my voice, I wave over to him and then I return back to my thoughts.I hear a giggle over beside Mr.Lanks and it's then I notice a girl sitting there. She has blonde hair with electric blue tips and brown roots. Her eyes are a pale green and her feet are scraping over the ground but not really reaching it.She's somewhat attractive but not my type. I put on a fake  smile and turn back to the wall.

"Delilah I need you to pay attention. Your mother and I think you need to try harder that's why we moved you to this school." Mr. Lanks says.

"Uncle Paul. I do try just not enough to make anyone happy. I think a D average is quite impressive".She says and I quietly chuckle.Wooow. I've never even gotten a B in school and she thinks a D is impressive. Ha. Check My GPA.


Sorry i gtg and I wont update for a while......sooo sorry but i wouldn't leave if it wasnt important. Bye



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