Twins....With Benifits

A group of guys are normal average teenagers who have been lately recognized as Onedirection. None of them know who they are or why people call them this name. They know there is a boy band comming to there school in a few days but little do they know it's the One direction band that has been causing them trouble through out their Junior and Sophmore year. The ten boys meet eachother and have Little situations during their friends ship. Mabey even a relationship.


4. Butterfly Effect

Zain POV

"Everyone is going to Liam's flat this friday. Are you going"? Zain asks leaning on his locker.

"No" I say and then I shut my locker.

"Why? It'll be fun. His mom doesn't lock the pool". Zain says with a sour face.

"You know damn well why. You knew when you decided to humiliate me yesterday. Thanks"I say leaning on my locker.He's so intimidatingly big. And his voice is deep. Really deep. He could squash me in a second.

"What you lads talking about"Louis says walking up to me and Zain.

"My worst nightmare"I say and turn around to face and lean head first on the locker.

"I don't see why you're so affraid of him. He's so nice and the most mature of the group"Louis says.

"But he's so huge and his voice scares me." I say banging my head on the locker.

I hear snickering behind me and I turn around.

"It's not funny"I say whining.

"Yeah mate,it is"Zain say and I punch him.

"I'm going to Harrys' house this afternoon. Haze is comming too."I say.

"Great. I wanna come too. My house sucks"Zain says and takes off. Where he's going probably ends in jail.

"Okay then"Louis says and turns back to me.

"I'm going to class early so I can sleep but you have fun"Louis says and walks away.

____________lunch______ Lane POV

"I wanna sit in the cafe today"I say to Zayn. Which i'm pretty sure is him because he's wearing an "A" on his jacket.

"Uuuuuh why"Zayn says confused.

"I JUST DO OKAY"!! Zayn leans back and grins at my anger.

"Okay then"he says and follows me to the cafe table. Its square with round edges and it's blue.

"Hay Niall"Zayn says and a boy come and its beside me.His eyes are blue so I know it's Niall.

"Why the suden change"Niall ask eating a fry.

"No reason."I say and become thankful for the fact that there is no seat next to me.BONUS POINTS!!

"Hello Lane,Zayn and Niall"Haze comes to sit down and to his dismay Zayn says Harry and Haze squishes the juice out of his orange right before his slams his head on the table.

"Wow. I completely give up. I'll just be Harry from now on and the real Harry will just be him self" Haze says lifting his head.

I pat his back."Don't worry buddy. I know it's you". Haze looks at me and smiles.

"Liall are you okay buddy"Louis asks Liall who sat across from me but one chair over leaving the chair in front of my empty. Liall looks like he's about to puke.

"I saw the teachers lounge and there was Mrs.Belle the algebra teacher and she was all over a student but he just kept bagging away. It was horrible so I ran".Liall says holdng his stomach. Just then Harry somes running.

"Oh god. Mrs.Belle tried to rape me"Harry says holding his stomach.

"That was you"Liall says looking up.

"Yeah. Thanks for helping by the way"Harry sarcasticly speaks.

Lois appears and sits nest to Harry."He doesn't do well under pressure and any situation involving a teacher".He bites and apple and smiles.

"You're too happy for my taste"I say and eat my fries.

"You are meaner than Liam" Harry says.

"With passion"I say and continue eating.

"Is someone talking about me".Liam appears with Zain following. He sits in the chair directly infront of me and Zain switches seats with Liall placing him next to me.

"You just wanna see me burn don't you"?I whisper to Zain and he chuckles.

I whimper quietly but Zain hears me and cracks with juice in his mouth. I pull my knees under my grey hoodie and place my head inside the hole so I can see my knees.

"Face your fears"Zain whispers to me.

"My fear is three inches taller then me"I whisper back.He chuckles again and I elbow him.

"Lane are you okay"I just know it's him because of ear peircing voice. I pull up my head forcing myself to look at him.He's grinning because he knows. I know he knows because he's me. I can read my own face.

Yeah i'm okay"I say with a straight face. 'You asshole' is what i'm really thinking. I'm sure he knows that. Niall,Zayn and Liall are in a deep convo about pumpkins. Harry and Haze are playing with eachother's dimples. Lois is yelling at Haze for letting someone else touch his dimple and Louis and Zain are watching me suffer. Great guys.

"I think I want more food. I'll be back"I say nervously. I scramble from the table and race to the wall that seperate the food from the cafe seats. I walk behind it and I lean on it.

"Oh god.I will die young"I say and bend over to grasp my knees out of tiredness.

"Hay you ran pretty fast Lane".SHIT LIAM JUST TAKE A HINT!!!

"I was really hungry"I say sitting up and looking at him. Why did I pick today to wear black skinny jeans.

"Lane are you affraid of me"Liam asks smiling.

"N-no". Great save sherlock. Just stutter some more. He'll never notice.-_-

"Are you sure?" He walks closer to me and I jump back 2 good feet.

"Yes you are".He says walking closer and again I jump. He keeps walking closer and i'm still walking backwards. I hit a wall behind me and voice the word 'shit'. Liam laughs and looks at me.

"You seem firm yet innocent".He says and I look away. What's so nice about him again. A moment passes and I make a run for it. I run back to the table and only a few people glance at me. When I get there Zain has his arms held out like he knew I would run.I jump in my seat and lean into Zain.My head is currently in my hoodie and my knees are pulled to my chest. Zain is hugging me and I'm lightly whimpering in his chest.

"Wow does he scare you that bad"Zain ask and a "yes" was muffled into his chest.

"Awwe wow"Zain says and i'm sure everyone at the table is looking now.

"What's up with Lane"Louis asks.

"Stomach ache"He says to Louis but i'm sure he got the message.Seconds later I hear a clump like someone just sat down and I get closer to Zain.

"Hi Liam where you been"Liall asks him and I whimper again. Oh god  help me.

I pretty sure i'm on Zain's lap now so i'm in a big ball. My hair sticking out of the hole in my hoodie. I told you i'm smaller than Liam.

"Just getting an apple"Liam says and I do a louder whimper and i'm sure the whole table heard. I think I really do have a stomach ache.

"I think you should go to the nurse"Zayn states and I pull my head out of the jacket hole. I'm sure my curls are every but Liam looks at me fasinated. Or he 's really looking at my hair.

"I'll carry him there"Lois says. Wow do they not see me. I hear Lois walk on his way around the table but someone else get up.

"I'll do it, you don't have to"Laim says and instantly I duck back into my hoodie and begin whimpering.

"Please Zain"I whisper into his chest and he hears me.

"I think Lois got this one" Zain says. I grab his shirt on his chest and twist my hands in it. Not on purpose but i'm gonna die and I feel like I need to hold onto something or someone.

"Oh common he's my twin"Liam says and I know i'm toast. I pull closer to Zayn and whimper again. NOOOOOOO.

"Okay fine"And just like that Zain gives up. I pull on his shirt and whimper one last time before i'm lifted bridal style by huge and buff Liam. I squeal and reach for Zain. He mouth's 'sorry' and I know i'm gonna pass out. Involentarily I lean on Liam chest and the breathe leaves my lungs. I'm dead.



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