Don't Let Me Go

She was a little late buying her plane ticket , she knew she was going to get stuck to some fat sweaty guy , but when she goes to look for her seat she sees a not so fat and not so sweaty guy , but only a guy that has taking the hearts by many. Harry Styles is the guy she'll be sitting to for the next 12 hours. Who knew being late for something would turn out so amazing.


5. You're Dating Her?!

*Buzz Buzz* My alarm went off for school.  Its 6:15, and I need to get up and get ready.  I rolled over to see Mr.Styles still sound asleep snoring up a storm , I sat on his stomach trying to get him to get up out of bed.  "What do you want?" He said sleepy .  "I need clothes for school." I said "Theres a closet full of clothes that will fit you.  Their my sisters"  "Okay, thanks Styles."  I walk into this huge closet full of clothes , considering its spring I decide on a white pair of shorts and a orange plaid shirt , I look around for some shoes and find a pair of white toms that will fit me. I check the mirror and realize that I need to do my make-up and hair. I look around for straightener and I find a green sparkly one. I pull that out and plug it in, I search around for some make up and find some eyeliner and mascara.  I walk in front of a mirror and apply my make up.  I wait for a bit till the straightener is heated up and straighten my sandy blonde hair.  I turn and look in the mirror and see Harry standing in the door way.  "You look gorgeous darling"  "Thanks." I said turning around facing him.  "So how am I getting to school?"   "I'm going to take you." He said.  "Is everyone ready?"  "I think so , let me check." I ran upstairs to find my sisters and brother all ready for school. "You ready?" I asked.  "Yeah." Kassie answers. We head down the stairs and to the car. Harry is already in the car waiting for us, we all hope in and leave the Styles residence.  We pull up to the elementary and let out Jacob and Kayla , then we head to the highschool to drop Kassie and I off.  Harry stops the car to let us out.  Kassie get out first and Harry keeps my door locked.  "Styles, you gotta let me out." I laughed. He leaned over and placed a sweet little kiss on my cheek. "Have a good day at school , ill be back at 3." Harry unlocked my door and let me out. I shut the door and watched him drive off when my best friend Kara came running up .  "Whos that?!" She asked.  "No one" I said smiling.  "Doesn't seem like no one." She said laughing and taking my arm and leading me to class , we stopped at our lockers to grab our first hour books with is spanish.  The class i hate the most.  When my phone went off.  It was a text from Harry. 

From: Styles.(;

"Want me to bring you lunch?"

To : Styles(;

"Yes please!"

From: Styles(:

"Okay! See you at noon."

It seemed like forever until I could see Harry again.  Then finally the lunch bell rang and I headed to get my lunch from Harry. I walked outside and seen a car surrounded by screaming girls.  "Whats going on?" I asked Kara. "I dont know, lets go look" We walked over to the car and then I saw that it was Harry;s car.  I tried making my way through the crowed just when I see April , the most popular girl in school talking to Harry.  "So what are you doing here Harry?" She asked.  "Just here to bring my girlfriend lunch." He said    I began to think about what he said, he just called me his girlfriend.  I'm Harry Styles girlfriend.  This is a dream come true.  "So who is she?" April asked Harry looked around until he saw me .. "Oh , there she is." He said walking over to me.  He rapped his arms around my waist hugging me. Everyone began saying stuff.  "Her?!" April yelled "Youre dating her.?!" She began to laugh.  "Yeah , I am." Harry said walking away. 

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