Don't Let Me Go

She was a little late buying her plane ticket , she knew she was going to get stuck to some fat sweaty guy , but when she goes to look for her seat she sees a not so fat and not so sweaty guy , but only a guy that has taking the hearts by many. Harry Styles is the guy she'll be sitting to for the next 12 hours. Who knew being late for something would turn out so amazing.


7. So, Will You?

We pulled up to the huge iron gates we once came to before and Harry unlocked them and drove right on in.  "Woah!" Gabe yells. "You live here?!"  "Yes." Harry begins "I am famous."  Gabe looks over at Harry.  "Wait, you're Harry Styles.! My sister is a huge fan!"  "You can't tell anyone about this." Harry says sternly "You'll go missing if you do." I looked over at Harry and saw the darkness in his eyes.  He deep green eyes darker than I've ever seen them.  "Harry." I said grabbing his hand .  He quickly blinks and looks over at me , he puts the car in park and lets everyone out.  Kassie jumped out leading Gabe to her room in the giant house , Jacob and Kayla run inside to go find some food , as for me and Harry?  He has something different in mind , I begin to open m door when he leans over me and pulls the door closed and locks it.  "Uhm, Harry?" I said looking at him "Lets go for a ride!" He winked.  He took the car out of park and we were off, speeding down the rocky driveway "Harry!" I yelled "Slow down!"  "Oh babe." he said laughing "This is only half the fun." He began driving faster and faster down the driveway , he made a sharp right turn and now we we're driving down a dirt path headed to what I don't even know.  We were going to fast I didn't even have time to blink "Harry!!" I yelled once again.  He looked over at me and slammed on the breaks. "We're here !" He said letting out a grin.  He jumped out of the car leaving me locked inside , he ran around to my side of the car and opened my door.  "Are you crazy?!" I yelled hitting his shoulder.  "Yeah, for you." He said picking me up by the waist and spinning me around.  He placed me back on the ground grabbed my hand and led me down a trail covered by pine trees , once the last pine tree was out of my way he placed his massively large hands over my eyes and let me quite a distance.  "Styles, where on Earth are you taking me?!" I said laughing "You'll see." He said laughing. He wrapped my arms around a tree "Now, stay here.!" He yelled "Oh and don't open your eyes." He said brushing behind my back .  I heard some talking and some rustling going on in the bushes . "Harry?" I said "I'm right here." He said "Don't open your eyes!" I threw him a thumbs up to where i think he was at. I stood there hugging a tree for what seemed like forever when I felt two big arms wrap me up and carry me.  They set me down on  a blanket and soft and warm blanket.  "Open your eyes now!" Harry yelled.  I looked up and saw a beautiful lake, I saw beautiful flowers and looked over towards Harry and saw Zayn holding up a sign that said "Will you be my girlfriend?" Liam was holding up a sign that had an arrow pointing towards Louis & Niall who was holding Harry up.  I covered my mouth and let out a gasp , Louis and Niall let Harry down.  "I never got to ask you properly." Harry said grabbing my hands. "So, will you?" He said giving me the puppy dog face.  I looked up at him "Of course I will !" I said jumping into his arms.

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