Don't Let Me Go

She was a little late buying her plane ticket , she knew she was going to get stuck to some fat sweaty guy , but when she goes to look for her seat she sees a not so fat and not so sweaty guy , but only a guy that has taking the hearts by many. Harry Styles is the guy she'll be sitting to for the next 12 hours. Who knew being late for something would turn out so amazing.


6. School

Harry and I walked over to a bench outside to enjoy our lunch , which is pretty hard when there is about 100 screaming girls behind you.  I turned around to see April giving me the death stare , Harry was her favorite guy out of the band and I got him , and she didn't.  "Take a picture it will last longer." I said to April .  "I'd gladly take a picture of Harry, just not you." April said back "You're not worth a picture." She laughed.  "She is to me." Harry said back "Well I got to go back to the studio." He placed a kiss on my cheek and headed off towards the car.  All the girls followed behind him , he got in his car and drove away , then tons of girls came running up to me acting to be my best friend. Aprils friend Mckenna grabbed a hold of my arm , "So bestie, what do you wanna do tonight?"  "You've never talked to me before." I said pulling my arm away. "The most you've ever done is throw a piece of pizza at me." I said walking away.  I walked to my locker with Kara with a bunch of Harry Styles screaming fans behind me. We made our way to chemistry and of course there is still more people crowding around me they were like moths to light. "So whats Harry like?" Asks Mckenna.  "Go away" I snapped.  "The only reason any of you want to talk to me is because I'm dating one of the most famous guys in the world." They all looked at me then began to go away. Chemistry was my last class for the day and when the bell rang I ran out of class to my locker to grab my books and out to the car.  Harry was waiting there for Kassie and I.  And Kassie takes forever after school gets out. "Go pick up the kids and then we can come back" I said.  Harry started the car and we were off to the elementary.  Kayla and Jacob were waiting at the steps of the school for us to pick them up.  They saw us and headed for the car. The hopped in and my phone began to ring , I picked it up and saw it was a text from Kassie

From : Kass

Where are you?

"Kassie is wondering where we are."  I told Harry  "We'll be there in a minute" He said as he pulled out of the elementary parking lot we finally pulled up to the High School and saw Kassie sitting on the steps looking bored as always with her boyfriend Gabe.  "Whos that?" Harry asked "Thats Gabe." I said rolling my eyes "Kassies boyfriend." Harry looked at them get up off the steps and head over to the car , they hopped in and buckled up. "Ready?" Harry asks. "Yep!" Jacob yells.  Harry lets out a slight laugh and takes off.

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