Don't Let Me Go

She was a little late buying her plane ticket , she knew she was going to get stuck to some fat sweaty guy , but when she goes to look for her seat she sees a not so fat and not so sweaty guy , but only a guy that has taking the hearts by many. Harry Styles is the guy she'll be sitting to for the next 12 hours. Who knew being late for something would turn out so amazing.


4. My Favorite Shirt

We weren't on the road for very long until we pulled up to a huge gate. Harry rolled down his window and typed in some numbers into a key pad.  We drove up a huge driveway with lots of trees until we reached a huge house , with a garage built in next to it. The house was lighten up with lights all along the stone path.  The house had 3 floors , my family would be staying on the 3rd floor and i would be staying on the 2nd floor with Harry..  Harry helped all of us out of the car and to the house.  He pulled out a thing of keys with about 15 keys on it , he searched for the right key and finally found it , he slid it into the lock and unlocked the door.  We all walked in , everyone's face dropped in amazement Kayla and Jacob ran to the stairs to go check out the 3rd floor and pick out there rooms.  "Thank you Harry." My mom said walking to the stairs.  Kassie and I stood still in amazement looking at the house.  "Kassie, if you want to bring a friend home from school tomorrow you can" Harry said "But only one , and she can't know where I live."  "Thanks Harry!" She yelled running upstairs.   I looked at Harry then back at the house.  "Come on !" Harry yelled.  I followed behind him , we ran for what seemed like a mile until we reached the other side of the house. "Where are you talking me Harry ?" I laughed.  He walked up to me and threw me over his shoulder.  "Harry!" I yelled  "What?" He said laughing.  He kept walking with me on his shoulder until we got to the door , he slid the glass door open and kept walking.  He started laughing .  "Whats so funny Styles?!" I laughed grabbing his shirt.  "Nothing" He said while he threw me into his pool.  I felt my body hit the cool water and I started swimming.  "Harry!" I said getting up out of the pool.  "Give me a hug." I said laughing Harry started backing away.  "No!" he yelled running away.  I finally caught up to him and jumped on his back.  "You're clothes are a bit damp darling."  "A bit?!" I yelled "There soaked!" "You can barrow my clothes." He said.  He led me upstairs into the room I'll be staying in.  He went into his closet to grab me some clothes.  He came out with a pair of pink striped boxers and a god ugly shirt.  "What is this?" I jokingly asked. "Clothes, duh" He said smiling.  I looked at him and walked over to his closet , I pulled out a plain grey tee-shirt and walked back out.  "Hey!" Harry said "Thats my favorite shirt."  "Its mine now" I said smiling  He smiled back at me "Im gonna go take a shower."  "Alright I'll be here." I said.  I decided it would be nice to go see how everyone is settling in to there rooms. I walked into Kayla's room first and she was sound asleep and so was Jacob.  Then I walked into Kassie's room.  "So how do you like it?" I asked "We're in Harry Styles house." She said "How do you think I like it?" I laughed "I thought you would." "How'd you even meet him?" She asked "I sat next to him on the plane." I said.  "Gotcha." She said "Wheres your room?" She asked  "I'm on the 2nd floor, I'm staying in Harry's room" "Stay safe!" She said winking as I walked out "Always am!"  I walked back to Harry's room and laid down on his bed.  I set my phone down on the night stand and drifted asleep.

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