Don't Let Me Go

She was a little late buying her plane ticket , she knew she was going to get stuck to some fat sweaty guy , but when she goes to look for her seat she sees a not so fat and not so sweaty guy , but only a guy that has taking the hearts by many. Harry Styles is the guy she'll be sitting to for the next 12 hours. Who knew being late for something would turn out so amazing.


2. I Can't Stop

After being stuck on a plane for 12 hours with someone you sure do learn a lot about them .  There is only 12 minutes left on this plane and then my dream will come to an end , I will probably never see Harry again and that makes me sick to my stomach .   He's so sweet and he would make a perfect boyfriend. "So Ashley , want me to take you home after we get off?" Harry asked.  "My mum is coming to get me." I said "Tell her you're getting a ride from a friend." Harry said. "Alright , let me text her." 

"Plane 433 will be landing in 2 minutes."

"So Ashley, can I have you're number?" Harry asked with a smile.  "Sure Styles." I said winking.  I gave him my phone number and he put it into his phone.  I turned off my phone and so did Harry.  He began looking out the window and I leaned my head back. I felt the plane touch the ground , and Harry run his hand across mine.  "We landed dear." He said grabbing my hand.  The flight attendant let Harry out first , he grabbed my hand leading me out of the plane. "They let me out of the plane first so I don't get mobbed" He said laughing. I smiled up at him , he led me to our bags and he grabbed my bags and handed them to me. "Lets go." He said. I followed close behind him so I wouldn't get lost.  We walked out of the airport into a giant parking lot.  "You remember where you parked?!" I said "Yeah." He laughed.  We started walking to his car , he grabbed my bags and threw them in the trunk of the car.  He walked over to my side of the car and helped me into the car.  "I have school in the morning , so I need to get back tonight." I said "Okay." He said 'Do you think your mom would let me take you to school?"  "Maybe." I said "Can I sleep at your house tonight?" He asked "Yeah, sure."  *Ring Ring* My mom was calling.  I picked up my phone and answered it.  "hey mum"  "Where are you?" She asked "I told you I was getting a ride from a friend , I'll be home in 20 minutes."  She hung up.  "She mad?" Harry asked "Yeah , but shes always mad." I said. Harry looked at me then back at the road. We drove for 20 minutes before we finally got back to my house.  "Now , Harry. " I began to talk "My house isn't the best thing in the world , my family doesn't have much money and my dad isn't the nicest." I warned him.  "Its all good." he said stopping the car. He helped me grab my bags and shut the trunk.  I let him up the stairs to our apartment on the 3rd floor , i grabbed my key out of my pocket and unlocked the door , i walked in and saw that my dad has been drinking again.  "Hey dad." I said  He looked up at me . "Who is this?" He said sternly  "Hes just a friend dad." I said  He stood up and began walking towards me.  He grabbed my arm .  "Did i say you could bring someone home?" He said "No dad." I said back hiding my face. "Don't you dare give me sass." He said bringing  his hand to slap me .  He was about 3 inches from my face when Harry caught his arm.. "Did your mom ever tell you to never hit a girl?!" Harry yelled. "Harry , stop!" I yelled. "He'll hurt you!"  My dad let go of me and went towards Harry.  "Who do you think you are coming into my house telling me what to do?" Dad yelled.  "You should never hit a girl!" Harry yelled 'Its common knowledge."  My dad looked at me and began to walk back towards me.  He lifted his hand and smacked me right across the face.  "Thats what you get." He said.  Harry looked at me with anger in his eyes.  He spun my dad around and bashed his face in.. He wouldn't stop , i had to pull him off of my dad. Harry looked up at me.  "I'm sorry" He said shaking. "When I get mad I can't stop."  I saw my dad laying there , on the ground with teeth knocked out and black eyes and a broken nose.  I ran into the other room and grabbed my little sister Kayla and ran out of the house with Harry.  "We need to leave now!" I yelled. I grabbed Harry's hand and rushed him down the stairs. I placed Kayla in the back seat and jumped into the passenger seat. "C'mon Harry !" I yelled "Lets go!" Harry started up the car and we drove off.

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