Heart attack

Tyler runs away from home cause of her step father abuse. She finds no where to go, as she went and sat at the bench. A cute boy , I mean zayn comes, and take her to his home. What will happen? Will they be together?


2. Zayn and the mates

Zayn pov:

 I feel she is the insecure type. But still she is amazing! She talked for one good hour with the boys. She knew all of them, including me for sure!! I sat at the couch watching tv, as she came sitting next to me."sorry love have no extra room, would you like to sleep with me? No I mean in the same room" I blushed at my stupid mistake. She smiles, "it's fine" was all she said. I gave her a list of the movies I have tonight, till we got interrupted my Louis. "Guys! Come fast!" My heart skipped a beat."what's wrong!?" I asked nervously and Tyler in the same time, we looked at each other, then got so close, our lips were so close to touch." We are playing truth or dare!" He jumped like a kid. I swear I would kill this guy!"you make as have a heart attack just for a game!" I screamed. He nods while clapping his hands like a child. I swear that he never grows up. "Lets go play" Tyler said while running to the living room. I puffed and huffed. Seriously this people never grow, as I went to the room. They all sat in a circle."come here" she pat the empty space next to her. I smiled and sat next to her.she is amazing and will I mean will be mine! Liam's eyes never got apart of her. I clenched my hand to a fist. It is alright, it is fine. No it isn't!" Truth or dare" Louis asked me. "Dare" they all went with the oohs! "I dare you to kiss Tyler" ooh shit...I looked at her eyes, as she looked mine. I kissed her in the lips. Thank god she didn't resist.or it have been to my death.

tyler pov

"I dare you to kiss Tyler" what!? Why me? Thought I really want to. I looked at his perfect eyes, with the long eyelashes.how I am in love with him and it is only a day since we met? Then without a warning he kissed me. I couldn't stop it, I loved it. Then we stopped, as everyone was quiet. "Tyler your turn" Louis said. I nod, as I pick him! Revenge. I wispered to zayn, as he giggles."truth or dare" I asked. "Dare"

"sure" he nods. I smirked. "I dare you to go outside without a shirt and scream your name!" Everyone exploded laughing, except Louis. He looks as me, and then took of his shirt, and did what he exactly been told to do. I laughed at the epic faces of the people passing. I loved it! "Guys going to sleep" zayn said, as he stood up. I stood up to, as I hugged his arm closely to me. "Gd night" they all said. "So where is our room?" I asked. He was blushing?! "Why are you blushing?" He looks at his arm I am been hugging. I smirk, as I left it."sorry" "it's fine" then we entered to our room. Perfect. But it have only one bed?! Where shall I sleep? "You are gonna sleep in the bed, while iam in the couch okay?" "No!" I told back. " I won't let a girl sleep in it!" He told me back. But I won't agree. "What about you sleep,m,mm,next to me?"I said. I knew I was blushing.."okay" he went to the bathroom to change.  I don't have clothes to sleep in! When he came back, he reliaze I was worried. "What's wrong babe?" " I didn't get clothes" I looked at my fingers." He searched in his closet as he threw a shirt on the bed." You could wear this" I nod. I waited for him to go out. But he keeps on looking. " can you please..go .." He blushes emabarasly as he went out and changed."done" as he comes back, he looked at me.then he sat next to me,and without I reliaze it, I was already sleeping good night babe was all I heard.

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